100+ ways to earn money online

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There is a popular trend in today’s time to earn money online, from which you can earn a lot of money.

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you are a blogger then you try many things to earn us like – advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsors etc. ,

I have seen in the blogging field, bloggers fail to earn money online, because they do not know how much money they can work in blogging.

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Today in this post I will share with you more than 100 ways to earn money online, after knowing all these facts, you can choose any of them, in which way you want to earn money online.

How to earn money online

How to earn money online Here I am going to tell you many options to earn money online, leaving your mind I saw that I am earning money from blog. How to earn will be lost to us.

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Whatever methods I am sharing with you, it is not necessary that all the methods will work for you, but after knowing all this, it will be clear what you need to work on.

1. Contextual Ads

blogging is considered the easiest or the best way to earn money online, then from advertising, in which we simply put advertising on our website, after that the more visitors come to our website, the more we earn.

Ad network is the best adsense, which is considered to be the best in earning or advertising quality.. you can use adsense by getting approved.. and then you can earn money from adsense on your blog

2. Affiliate Marketing

you want to earn more money from blogging in less traffic then you have to do affiliate marketing as well.

To make money from affiliate marketing, you have to include your product in your blog to join the best affiliate program, which has to be done, after which whoever clicks on your link will buy the product, you will get a commission.

you are a blogger then you must also create your account on Share which is a best affiliate marketplace.

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3. Publish Sponsor Posts

If your blog is in a specific place, or your blog is a bit old in the US field.. then you will also get offers for many sponsor posts, in which you can take money to publish the post on your blog.

Before publishing the sponsor post, you should also keep in mind that it is related to your blog topic or there should not be anything in it that will cause problems to your user. Sometimes you will also come across such sponsor posts which are illegal, then you have to keep in mind that you should never publish such posts if you see your blog for long term..

4. Sell Links in Posts

Whenever you will write any detail or big post or if it will rank in google .. if there is any company or product related to US post which can benefit from your US post they will also be ready to pay you money to add link For.

Like if you have written a Where Me post of top 10 software, then some software company will also ask to link its product in your post, which you can charge.

5. Sell Backlinks

What is a backlink or how has it benefited in ranking, you will be the public.

To rank any website, making quality backlink is the post, so if someone is making backlink to your website or call them backlink from your website, then I will contact you. can take money.

* Giving backlinks to any such website, which is not good in the eyes of Google, can also affect the ranking of your website. Keep in mind who you are linking to.

6. Publish Payment List

Whenever any good website publishes a list post, share me the list of product, service, equipment, software, website etc.. We are also ready to pay a lot of log money to join the list.

For example, if you are making a link to the top 10 software website, then if there is a new software company, it will be ready to pay you money to add it to itself.

Keep in mind, this way you will get money from list post when your blog is at a good level.. because anyone will give you money only when they feel that they will also benefit.

7. Create a “Resources” page

Whatever your blog is about, there will be many tools in the US field that you may or may not be using.

You can create a “Resource Page”, “Tools I Use” “My Tools” in your blog, in which you can share all the tools in one place .. or you can give affiliate link of all there..

Like you can see the link of HMH Tools, in which I have shared all the tools that I use for HMH.., or can buy direct from there.

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8. Create YouTube Channel

you have a blog, then you should also make us a YouTube channel on the topic, from which you will earn money online from YouTube, as well as you will get support for the blog as well.

How many ways to earn money online from youtube andYou can watch it here, or if you are interested in YouTube, then you can also check the HMH YouTube category, which we have shared very useful information related to YouTube.

9. Show Advertisement Short URL karke

This date was on the first trend, share any URL by shortening it, after that if anyone opens that URL, for 5 seconds first ads will appear, then I would have opened the URL.

you have a download website, then there is a link that users want to visit, then you can use that service.

Adfly is the best or popular way to earn money online from short URLs. How it works or how to do it has been shared in full detail with Janaki payment proof.

Do you know what, my first earning on the Internet was from short URLs, only then I was convinced that money can be earned online as well.

10. Advertise in Your Podcast

We have already shared what is podcast or how to make it.. in which we share our information in audio form.

You can also find sponsors for you if the podcast runs, in which you have to speak a little in their where at the start of the podcast. You can use advertising for this.

11. Sell Ebooks

You can also create eBooks related to your blog topic, which you can sell later.

Just like you share the information of sari on your blog, but still people want that they get all the address organized or the same wake up, then you can do it in eBook.

It took you only one war mehndi to make the eBook, after which you can sell any number of copies. This is a great way to earn extra income from the blog.

You can use Instamojo to get paid to sell eBooks online.. What is Instamojo?

12. Sell Ad Space

You can also sell for some space ads on your website, if someone wants, then by paying you money, they will show their ads directly.

You can add that blank space for the advertising space, or mention there “Address here” or you can also use “Buysale advertising” for this.

13. Use Monetized Widgets

You can also use such widgets in your blog, just if the user clicks to buy something, then you get a commission for that.

As you are Amazon Associates, then you can add it to your website by creating a widget from there, after that all the users who come to your website will show the products of their interest, on which they click and we will buy from Amazon, whose commission will get.

14. Can charge for writing guest posts

you are doing guest post on any blog, then you can also charge them for you.

But you have to keep this in mind here, if anyone is paying you, they will do it only when they expect to get more benefit from it.

For example, if your writing date is very big or you have a good image in that field, then the website owner may be ready to pay you money.

15. earn money online from Quora:

What is Quora or how to earn money online from Quora, you will get information in its details on HMH only.

Quora ek Question Answer is website, on which you work by answering your questions.. You do not need a blog to earn money online from Quora from us, but if you have a blog then you can bring quality traffic from Quora to your blog. Is.

16. Charge for Publish Guest Post on Blog

the authority of your blog is good or your blog is popular, then you can take money for publishing guest posts on your blog.

What are the benefits of guest posting, every blogger is known to me, so if he is new in the field or wants to reach the audience of a popular blog, then guest post is the best place.

Like if we talk about HMH, then we also allow guest post, which is free for us but if we do guest post related to any company or product then we charge for them.

If you would like to guest post on HMH you can submit here.

17. Podcast Guest ke liye Charge kare

you have a podcast, you can even charge someone to invite them or add them to your podcast.

Like there are many companies then want to come on podcast for their promotion.. you can also charge for interview on podcast.

18. Pop-up Ads

You can also place popup ads on your website, which live up to the chance that the user clicks.

Although the popup ad is not really right, but you can put the popup ad in such a way that as soon as the user starts leaving the website, show that ad to them.. or keep this one thing in mind, you have to use any scripted popup ads Don’t have to do it or else it can happen.

19. Offer Sidebar Links

You can take money for adding a link in the sidebar of your website .. in which you have to add a simple link.

There is any popular then reputable website on us people do not hesitate to pay money to add their link.

Whatever link you add, its time should be fixed so that the link will be kept by adding it for so many days or time.

20. Buy and Sell Domains

What is the domain so you knowSurely, everyone wants to buy a big domain, so if you have a big domain which is already registered with you, then you are sure to sell it for a good amount of money.

We have shared a detailed post about how to choose a good domain, in which important points have been shared, you must read it, before registering any domain.

How to sell a domain or add it to us in an auction Knowing in detail you will get to Yaha.

You can also earn good money by buying old expired domain.

21. earn money online From Content Writing

you like to write or you can write a lot, then you can also earn money online by writing articles for a blog or website.

The information about how to earn money online by doing online articles like this is here.. Or if you want to become a content writer or do content writing, then you will also get detailed information about it on HMH

22. Website Tester Ban

you have knowledge of website design or programming, then you can also help in improving other’s website.

Website design, make a simple list of what people do wrong to me, then whenever you check someone’s website, check those points or if there is some work, then tell them.

You can also use user feel website for website testing, in which simple we have to visit the website and give your feedback.

23. Proofreading

When someone writes a post, there are mistakes in it, so I have many websites, who do not have time to do proofreading, then they are also ready to pay someone else for proofreading.

We have already learned about what is proofreading or why it is important, or you want to rank your post in Google or print your pain on the user, then proofreading the post has to be done before publishing it.

For proofreading, you must use Grammarly, what is Grammarly or how to use it, its details are here.

24. Advertise Through Images

Just as you may have seen big billboards on the side of your highway for advertising, in the same way you can place image ads on your website.

Anyone will give you an advertisement of this track only when there is a lot of traffic on your website. Because the only purpose of this type of advertisement is to create an image of your brand in the mind of the user.

25. Share Coupons

anyone does online shopping, then he wants how to save his money, for that people search online coupons. ,

You can earn money online by shopping online, if you do not know how then you see here.

26. Advertise Via Email

you have a blog or you have a good email list, then you can earn money online by doing paid promotion on your email as well.

You can find me on hmh by knowing me in detail on how to add a website subscribe me email box, or how to grow your email list with that help.

27. Run Sponsored Giveaway

Who does not like giveaways, everything is something they get for free.. Or by using this, brands do free giveaways so that more people know about their wear..

your blog has an audience then it is cheaper for another company or you can charge them.

28. Connect website user on Instagram

You can add the social follow widget to your website and ask the users to connect on your social accounts.

In this way, if you have got good special followers on Instagram, then you can earn money online from website as well as Instagram.

29. Paid Promotion on Facebook

you have a fan page of your website, if we are good, then you can also do FB paid promotion for someone, which you can charge from them.

Knowing the details of how to earn money online from Facebook, you will get here.

30. Create Paid Closed Facebook Group

you have any talent or something that you can teach people, then you can also make money by creating your own private group on Facebook.

You have to simply create your own private group, or tell it on your site in its ware.. After which if someone wants to do it, then he will have to pay his fee, you can set this up.

Keep in mind that if anyone will give you money only when they get that much value in return.. Not that anyone will give you money to join a focus group.

31. Create Paid Newsletter

You must know what a newsletter is, or you must have been getting information about your new post to your user through newsletter.

Apart from this, you can also start your own paid newsletter, which if someone wants to join, then they will have to pay their fees, in which you share some such useful information from time to time, which will benefit the user.

32. Promoting Brands

the quality of your blog is good, then the brand itself and itself will be drawn towards your blog, for its promotion.

By contracting with good brands like long term or short term, money is also useful for promoting the brand to us.

33.earn money online by Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is also a popular way to make money, in which we only need to order lane, or we can earn a lot of money.

Dropshipping me aliexpress, banggood jc website is more used because many products are available at very low priceWhich we can sell for more money by making our website.

What is dropshipping or how it works or how we can make money working by knowing it in detail, if you want to know in detail then you comment tell me, let me publish a detailed step by step post for you.

34. earn money online by Referrals:

Many websites or mobile apps run referral programs to promote themselves, in which if someone creates an account on the app or website from our link, then we have got a commission.

By sharing such a product or service in your blog, you can refer more and more people or you can earn a lot of money.

These are some good referral programs that are running right now.

  • google pay
  • PhonePe [View & Earn]
  • paytm upi offer
  • Paypal Refer and Earn

I mcent which was a mobile recharge app earn only 85k+ rupees just by publishing one post.. now it is closed. But from this you can guess how much more is possible this way refer an earn me too.

35. Event Blogging

Whenever a big event comes, US time many people search related to it, then you will be the public. Hi good money work is possible.

To do event blogging, you have to keep a few things in mind:

The blog has to be started 2-3 months before the event.

To rank high quality backlinks have to be created.

Post keyword research has to be done on all keywords.

Whatever event we are targeting, check how much competition is there on us, otherwise it should not happen that your blog will not be able to rank.

Event blogs have to target certain keywords like: Happy New Year 2022, Happy Holi Shayari, Happy Diwali Images, Valentines Day Messages, 15 August Status, 26 January etc.

36. Create Event Script Blog

You must have seen this blog or website at some point or the other, in which someone must have messaged you a link or when you opened it, you must have wished you there with nostalgia.

It is very easy to make such a website, with the help of a simple script, we can create that website.. Or this type of website becomes viral very easily.. Q’s everyone does it by sharing the link with their name. Huh.

You will get to know how the script blog was made here.. Or you can see here how money can be made by creating a script blog for the new year.

Event script website name with code you will get here.

37. Sponsored Tweets

All the social influencers are there, they charge a lot of money for posting anything on your account. If your blog has a good reputation or bad followers, then you can also earn money online through sponsor tweets.

You can also get to direct Sponsor Tweet wise, then you can also use Sponsored Tweets website.

38. Social Media Moderator Ban

you have a good knowledge of social media, then you can also do the work of managing the popular accounts or pages.

Jesse, who are hero-heroine or politician people, they do not have enough time to manage their social account all the time.. So they have needed social media moderator.

39. Create Paid Business Directory

any user wants to know something, then he searches on the internet.

You can create a website of such business information, in which if you add the details of any business, then you can charge them from them.

You can also use the plugin to create a business directory.

40. Paid Webinars

You also want to host webinars, in which you can share information on any topic with the help of live video.

you are an expert in a topic or have good knowledge, then you can charge money for sharing that information with the user. After that simple you can host your webinar at any fixed time.

You can also host webinars on Facebook, YouTube or any other platform.

41. Boost SEO Tools

you have a blog, then you must have used SEO tools to rank. In such a situation, you can share the affiliate link of the paid tools in your blog, so that if someone or US uses the tool, then you can earn.

Paid SEO Tools ko Free me kaise use kare uski Trick aapko yaha Milgi.

42. Full Site Audit

you have knowledge of the website, then you can also provide the service of website full audit, which is corrected by looking at every small mistake of the website.

  • Here are some points which we have to do in website audit:
  • Good website design.
  • Website opens well in mobile.
  • Get the menu or navigation right.
  • Website loading speed should be fast.
  • Broken links should not be in the website.
  • User navigation is good.
  • Important plugins to be installed.

you have to do all this or even if you do not know, then in just one month you can learn from yourself.. Or you can give your service.. because there are many people who have all this.

43. SEO Services

you have been able to rank your website in Google, Matlab you have the right knowledge of SEO.You can charge money.

your website does not rank in Google, then you have to find out what to do, then you have to rectify your blogging wrong, for that you have to learn all this.

  • What is SEO?
  • What is On Page SEO.
  • How to do off page SEO.
  • What is backlink or how does it work?
  • How to make quality backlinks.
  • 44. Banye Small Business Website

today’s time, there are many such small businesses which are still offline, or they do not have any website, then you can target such business and help them to do offline business online by making a website for them or for that you can do your own business. Can charge from database.

For this, you can also do Google’s free course in digital marketing, in which you will also get a certificate.

It is very easy to create a small website, you just install WordPress, upload a simple template, update the details. Website tire.

45. Start a Consulting Service

You can start your own consultancy service, in which you will give your time to the people or you will tell them whatever they want or need to know from you, for which you will charge.

Wherever we go to the doctor, then he has a consulting fee, only then we can give our service in which we have become expert.

In this, you can keep your charge every hour, if you have a lot of experience, then you are capable of working lakhs of rupees from a date.

46. ​​Build a Portfolio Website for Others

In today’s internet yoga, having a website is very important, even now there is a business or someone has to do a job.

Gone are the days in which everyone should make their portfolio a file for me, or whenever they go for a job interview, they should first remove that file.

You can create a simple one page portfolio website, in which all the qualifications, what is the interest, what is the dream or what is the achievement or experience can be shared.

Now if you go for a job or file it for your portfolio, given the link of the webiste to automatic hi will become a good first impression, which will double your chances of getting the job.

47. Manage other websites

It is easy to make a website but it should be managed, it is a little time consuming.. So in such a situation, if someone has a business, then he cannot manage the website by stealing his work.. So this work is very less for you. Can do in price.

48. Build Your Own App

you have a little bit of coding knowledge, then you can also make your own mobile app.

You can also make a mobile app of your website, which will spoil your earning options.

49. Sell Physical Products

Just as you can sell eBooks, you can also sell your physical products. Just like the book you have written, you can print it and sell it too.

Whether to sell the product depends on what your category is, but it is also a good option to earn money online from blogging.

50. Make Money With Press Visits

you have a travel blog or in which you share in the ware of events, hotels, restaurants or worlds, then you can also earn money online from press trips.

Many people are not aware of the Where Me Ways of Press Trip, in which the company who is a blogger raises the cost of travel or stay or in return has to share his experience on the blog.

For this, hotels, travel companies are also ready to pay a lot of money if your blog is even a little reputed.

51. Paid Product Placement in Videos


you have a blog, then you can also make us a YouTube channel or how do you earn money online from YouTube, then you will become public.

Money also works for promoting the product you sponsor in your video.

52. Promote Offline Events

Any offline event is happening, now you are doing it or someone else.. You can share us on your blog, you can promote online or money can be done from it.

53. Host Blogging Events

you do blogging, then you must have gone to blogging events, meetups at some point of time, you can also host such events in your area.

54. Boost Hosting

You will know how important hosting is for Banana website, so if a new user wants to make a website, then you can refer me to a good hosting or commission is also possible in return for any additional user fee. But don’t think so.

  • Like I refer some big hosting to my friends, which I have used myself.
  • Hostgator 50% Off Offer
  • bluehost
  • cloud route
  • wpx

55. Promote Theme

your website is well designed then many people must be asking you whether you have used any theme or how it was designed..

You can give your affiliate link to help them, this will not charge them any extra charge..

Earlier there was a newspaper theme on Madad in Hindi which is the most popular theme, or now GeneratePress theme, which is very fast.

56. Sell Your Customized Blog Theme

you know coding HTML, PHP, CSS or Javascript, then you can make your own blog theme and sell it to us.

You can also sell the theme directly on your blog, then you can earn a lot of money by selling it on the theme’s marketplace like Themeforest..

57. Sell Stock Photography

you can click pain photos then you can earn money online by selling them too.

Knowing how to sell photos online, you will easily find them on the Internet. You can easily sell your images on a website like Getty Images.

58. Design graphics

you are a one man army (blogger) then you must have done all the work of your own blog, then I must have made your website logo, post thumbnail, infographic too..

You can easily earn some extra money with the help of this talent, by doing graphic designing for others.

59. Create Course

you are expert in your field or you can teach people, then you can make your own course by recording videos for them, or you can make money long term by selling US courses.

You can also create and sell your courses on Udemy.

60. Canva . contribute to

you can do good graphic design then you can earn money online by submitting your design on canvas too.

Simply create your Canva contributor account and submit your design. Then every time someone uses your design, you get paid for it.

61. Ask for Donations and Support Through Patreon

you have some loyal followers or people support you in the work you do, then you can create your patron account, in which people can help you with money.

All the social workers are there, someone does those things, they all create their account on the letters for support.

Yes fir you can also do direct paypal donate button in your blog.

62. WordPress Installation Service

It is easy to create your own blog by installing bad for WordPress, creating an account on Facebook, but still, if someone does not have any technical knowledge, then they cannot do it.. then you can do this work by taking money.

Simply install WordPress for your hosting or domain by taking access from the front, then after installing WordPress, you will install as many plugins or themes as you need by making important settings.

you want to do WordPress installation then you HindiMeHelp 100% free WordPress installation service, in which you will get the benefit of $200+.

63. Build and Sell Your Own WordPress Plugin

you have knowledge of coding then you can also create a WordPress plugin, or if some cool feature is your plugin detail then you can also have a paid version of it.

64. Sell the Physical Book

you have written any eBook of yours, then you can print us and sell its hard copy.

To sell books online, you can add payment options to your own website, or you can also sell books by creating a seller account on Amazon or Flipkart.

65. Migrate Website Services with SEO

It becomes a bit technical to move a blog from one platform or from one hosting to another hosting, or if someone does not have the right information about it, then their website may be down or it may happen that suddenly Google Me rank may be down.

We have to do full redirect on shifting js blogger to wordpress blog else 404 error comes on old backlink or post.

66. earn money online By Flipping Websites

you know how to analyze the website properly or you can find out the true value of the website, then you can earn money online by selling their website from others and selling it for more money.

But you should have the right knowledge of the website or other things, otherwise you can also get caught in a wrong deal.

You can use its Marketplace Flippa website to buy or sell a website.

67. Sell Your Own Website

you are building a website that you cannot manage to continue, or you now want to focus your attention on another site, then you can also earn money online selling your website.

You can use a website like Flippa or Empire Flippers to sell the website.

68. Create a Blog for Others

Puran time I used to feel sorry for writing, they used to write in dairy, now the trend has changed, now people write on blogs.

there is someone who has a passion for writing but does not know how to make a blog, then you can do their work by taking money.

69. Create Member Area in Blog

You can create a forum or support section in your blog, which if someone wants to join, then he has to pay his fee.

As you might have noticed, whenever we have a theme or plugin, we have access to a premium support forum for them, where we have something to post if we encounter any problems. I am. Is.

70. Share cum Work Space

you have an office from where you do blogging or if that or any people have space to work, then you can share your space with other bloggers.

As it happens in a big city, if we want work space, then there are many companies which provide it.

Blogging is more to be done from office than from home, because we have a working palace there, so we have been able to do our work thickly.. I would suggest you to do blogging from office.

Or you can share your office space with other bloggers to do the work of your office.

71. Start a Blogging Class/Tuition

fireIf you have 2-3 years of blogging experience, then those who want to learn blogging can teach them by giving blogging lessons or classes. By doing this you can make your extra income.

most people do not know about blogging or internet ware in your area, then there is a good chance to learn people in blogging ware or to make us extra income.

72. Private Pro Service

Live Wire We share all the things on our blog for free, so that people can help.. But still there are some people who need help directly by reading our blog.

You can start your own private pro service, in which you are expert.. or whoever join your pro service, you can help them by providing direct support or tools.

73. Sell Merchandise

You can also earn money online selling your brand or slogan merchandise, in which you can make t-shirts, mugs, pillows, stickers.

YOUR BRAND VALUE IS GOOD, LOGO TO LOGO Items bearing your brand logo would love to be recognized.. With ussi if you pay attention to quality then you are capable of doing good money this way too.

There are lots of platforms for merchandise store bananas, such as Jazzle and CafePressjinka you can use.

74. Blogging Paid Task

Blogging me is not just writing a post, there are many things that we have to do.. So if I have any technical work or something that is not easy to do, then you can do it by taking money from us.

  • Jesse:
  • Fixing website error.
  • Website security big.
  • To improve website speed, for which you can use WP Rocket.
  • Custom code or design karna..
  • e.t.c

75. Monetize RSS Feeds With Ads

You can also monetize your RSS feed, yes it is possible.

You can place your RSS feed me banner ad, after which anyone who has subscribed to your feed will see that ad as well.


Whenever a festival comes, then there is a special occasion, all the offers come out to increase their sales.

Whatever category your blog is on, share any offers related to it on your blog, which will not only benefit your user, but you will also earn a lot of money.

77. earn money online With WooCommerce

WordPress Me We can create your own online store with the help of WooCommerce plugin or you can make money by creating a section of your website or entire website on it.

you want, you can also make it your affiliate site, in which you can bring all the products from the main site like Amazon, Flipkart.

78. Email Marketing

You can sell your paid product or service to your email customer by scheduling emails to them at specific times.

What is email marketing then you will know, for this we can use any good email marketing tool. Jesse Weber or ConvertKit

79. Speaking Services

Events happen every day related to blogging or internet, so if you can do public speaking well or can give knowledge to people on any topic, then you can also charge for giving your lecture in the event.

80. Create a “Buy and Sell” section

There are many such products or services that people want to take or see, so you have something related to your blog, then you can also create a buy and sell page in your blog. sell.

81. Sponsored Surveys

There are many businesses or companies that want user feedback to improve their product accordingly.

If your blog is on such a topic that the user who is there is good for any business, then you can run paid surveys for you on your website.

82. Do Technical SEO

SEO Basics Everyone knows then whatever basic things are on his website, he has done SEO.. But some technical things also come in SEO which affects our ranking.

you can do technical SEO, then you can also start its service, in which you have to fix all the errors of the website, for which the ranking of the website is affected.

Which link should be do-followed, which one should not follow, or which link should be added a sponsor tag, and which one should not get the page indexed. How to remove duplicate page from search.. There are many technical terms which you can correct.

83. Publish Gated Content

your blog is an established blog, which already has quality content on top, or you have a good userbase on your blog, then you can also publish paid content.

Like anything we publish, anyone can access us for free, but you can also lock us out if there’s important content that the user had to pay to access.

You can easily do this using the Membership and Content Restrictions plugin on WordPress.

84. Create Exit Pop-up

Whenever a visitor comes to our website or whatever we need or what is done after that only to close our website, you can increase your earning with the help of exit pop-up.

You can make a free or discount offer, or you can email us with a subscribe box.For money work.

85. Sell Products or Services with Chatbots

you have a busy schedule, or you don’t have enough time to quickly answer all the questions your users ask you, you can add a chatbot to your website.

You can set in the chatbot that what the user asks, then he will be answered by which way.

There are many chatbots in the market like landbot.io which you can do in the website.

86. Promote Your Offline Services

you have an offline business, then you can promote us online with the help of blog, with the help of local SEO you can rank your website in your area with great ease and increase your business.

Simple, whatever your service is, you can publish articles related to them on your blog, or online traffic can be bad for your customers.

87. Resale Services and Products

There are many such products or services on the Internet, which may not be ours, but we can buy them cheaply and sell them.

Such a product or program has benefited both the user or the owner of them.

You can do this by buying resale hosting and selling hosting by making small plans.

88. Send Sponsored Emails

If you have a good email list or an active subscriber on email, you can also earn money online from sponsor emails.

you have not started building your email list yet, then do it now.. Why is it the best way to reach your user directly.

89. Target Trending Topics

This is such a way to earn money online, in which you have to keep an eye on the trends going on in your field. Or there is no need to do a lot of mehndi for that too, you can see from this posture on Google Trends what root you are searching.

You have to do it, whatever trending topics people want to know, you have to put them on your blog as soon as possible, the way people want us to know. your blog ranks then there will be more traffic than you can imagine.

90. Blog to Business

you have a series about your blog or you want to do full time blogging, then you should see your blog as a business tray, not just a blog.

your blog is good or if it has the potential to go up or down, then you will also get investors for the blog very easily.

91. Sponsor Form

You can add a sponsor form to your website, users who submit any data will go directly to the person who added the form, for which you can charge them.

Generally, such sponsor forms are offered only on blogs that are getting a lot of traffic.

92. Cross-Promotion

the blog is stable then you can also do cross promotion with other blog or company, in which you will promote them, in return they will promote you.

In this way you can earn money online by growing your blog or business by doing cross promotion.

93. Offer Me Tools

This point may seem a bit strange to you, because here I am asking you to spend money, not to earn money online directly. So have to do it.. Tikh this way you should invest in your blogging too.

Blogging I should invest you in:

Good Hosting: A good website starts with its hosting, if there is good hosting, the website will load well or run fast. (Like me uses WPX Hosting right now.)

Good Theme: It is also important to have a good website design, for that a theme which is bada design or light weight.. like the GeneratePress premium theme on HMH right now.

SEO Tools: It is also necessary to invest money in SEO tools to rank the website or to do keyword research.

Useful Plugins: There is nothing wrong with investing money in useful plugins like WP Rocket, Imagine, etc. if you want a bigger website.

Paid courses and content: If you want a lot of money, then you will not only get your knowledge infamous, for that you have already learned free Me Too, but if you are getting full knowledge paid at one place, then you have to invest. It is necessary, because the more money you will invest, the more money you will be able to work with.

94. Link Advertisement

When we write a post in the blog, then similar keywords come which are relevant to any company or brand, if I can add automatic link on those words or if someone clicks on it then how will we earn..

You can place link ads in your blog with the help of infolinks.

You will get complete information about what is infolink or how links are placed in the advertisement blog only on HMH.

95. Giveaway

You can also do it cheaper to grow your blog or website or to make your website reach bigger people from the root.

Giveaway me you put some such tasks in which the user has to purchase something, now it can be your product or any other product from your affiliate link after which you provide them some free stuff.

There are many tools or websites on the internet for cheap, which you can host your cheap with gleam.io Jinky Help.

96. Hire People for Autopilot Work

you have blogging experienceI have done blogging or you know what to do if I want to be successful blogging, like publishing regular posts..

You can also hire new people, in which they do your given work for you or you pay them in return.

In this way you can create your team, or you just have to manage your team, all the work of your blog will be automatic, even if you are not able to work at all someday, still the post will be published on your blog.

97. Build your blog’s brand

you want to earn more money from your blog then you have to work on the brand of your blog as well, that log your blog by name. We have to work on the quality, design or reputation of your blog.

If your blog is branded, then direct traffic will also come to your blog along with organic traffic, or whatever the chances of selling your product or service will be doubled.

is also a brand iwitnessnews.in

iwitnessnews logo

98. Start Blog’s Referral Program

You can also start referral program on your blog, as if you have any product which is worth 100 rupees, then if someone does to promote your US product then you will give us 50% i.e. 50 rupees.. automatically your The product will be root, root or root will be sold to you.

To add a referral program to your website, you have to implement a referral program in your blog.

99. Buy and Resell Unlimited Plans

To earn money online, you can also try this method, in which you can buy a product or service that has a lifetime unlimited plan or you can pay a war to sell your plan cheaply or to the people. Is.

This type of plan we also get in plugin, theme or hosting, in which head one need to pay war or we can use it any number of times.

100. Use the Blog as a Portfolio

You can also use your blog as your showcase by creating a portfolio page that you can share your experience or knowledge with.

In this way, you can tell through your blog, in which field you are an expert or how you can help people.

101. Connect with other bloggers

you make a good connection with other bloggers in your field, then automatically you will have more options to earn.

All the people who are there, everyone has some talent.

you are a Hindi blogger then you must join HMH FB group which has 24k+ members, you will find all bloggers who like to help each other or all milkers support each other in moving forward.

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