5 Coolest Gadgets Unveiled at MWC 2023: Motorola Rizr, Xiaomi AR Glasses, More

Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023), Barcelona has taken the tech world by storm. The annual trade show dedicated to the mobile communication industry showcased some amazing products and many new gadgets were unveiled during the event. From the launch of new smartphones and laptops to innovative smartwatches, the show was packed with new-age technology that stunned fans and critics alike. Considering that the list was long, we cut it down and here we list the 5 best gadgets that were unveiled during the event. The list includes the Motorola Rizr, a rollable smartphone, Xiaomi AR Glasses, the new Lenovo ThinkPad, Huawei’s unique CyberWatch and the Nokia G22, a budget repairable smartphone. Let’s take a look.

5 Best Gadgets At MWC 2023

1. Motorola Razr – Motorola stole the stage with its new concept smartphone. The Motorola Rizr looks just like your standard smartphone, but it’s rollable. Wired journalist, Andrew Miller said in his Reports, “The rollable concept phone in its standard orientation has a 5-inch screen. It becomes a 6.5-inch screen when you double-press the button on the side. With a short motor rotation, the additional display appears as if from a scroll, before another screen is created at the back.”

The name of the smartphone is reminiscent of the Motorola Rizr lineup of 2006 when the company introduced a series of slide-ups. Feature phones. Conversely, it slides down an additional display that can be used as a normal display or stuck to the back as a selfie preview window.

2. Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition – Xiaomi’s prototype AR glasses were also showcased at the event and it packs a powerful punch. The glasses are made with electrochromic glass, which can darken the outside world for a better immersive experience. Both the glasses get a mini LED display powered by the Snapdragon XR 2 Gen 1 chipset. The unit itself is quite portable and lightweight, which means an AR device that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to wear.

3. ThinkPad X13 Gen 4Lenovo has refreshed its lineup of ThinkPads and unveiled its new feature-rich laptop. It is equipped with new generation. Intel Core i-series processor and a new OLED display but its best innovation comes inside the touchpad. Lenovo has equipped the device with new haptic sensors to give users an ‘up close’ mechanical keyboard experience.

4. Huawei GT Watch Cyber – Huawei has come up with a unique smartwatch whose strap acts as a casing for the watch as well as its outer bezels. This means that the entire outer watch casing is replaced every time the user removes the strap and can then be replaced with a different looking one to give the watch a new feel. The company is also shipping the watch with an additional strap to allow users to play.

5. Nokia G22 – at first sight, Budget The smartphone is largely unremarkable, but as Miller explained, it comes with a handy feature that sets it apart from other devices available in the market. The smartphone is repairable, which means that the display and battery can be replaced at home in case of damage. Nokia has also partnered with iFixit to offer kits to make this very easy. According to Miller, it takes about six minutes to change the entire space. Now, that’s impressive.


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