All about Marmores: A new beach lounge in Mamallapuram where the sea meets the sky.

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Entrance of Marmorus
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Entrance of Marmorus Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

A place with beautiful ocean views, sunset violets, tall bamboos, and the distant sounds of the sea leading to carefree conversations: Marmors is the new beach lounge in town. Located on the edge of Mamallapuram, the three-storey building is nestled comfortably among curio shops, beachwear stalls and leather sandal shops.

Ground floor seating area

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Ground floor seating area Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

Jeeva Rathinam, the owner, explains that Marmorus translates to the sparkling surface of the sea. “I designed the space in such a way that it’s Instagram-worthy and wherever you sit, you get a view of the ocean. For example, the ground floor indoor and outdoor seating faces the waves. , on the first floor there is an ocean facing hammock and a roof top cabin.

View from the swing on the first floor

View from the hammock on the first floor Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

The ground floor is divided between an indoor seating area adjacent to a small outdoor dining area and also overlooking the sea. The second floor has the same arrangement but shares space with a bar with art. The cabana-style third floor can be too hot for hot summer days but is perfect for breezy evenings, especially moonlit evenings.

Cabana style third floor

Cabana style third floor Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

Marmors is located in a sprawling resort called Sea Breeze owned by Jiva. The resort has rolling green gardens lined with tall coconut trees, a children’s playground where the blue of the sea merges with the cerulean blue of the sky.

Settling in the outdoor dining area, we order a glass. Common panna And a bowl of seafood bisque soup. Although the drink is very sweet, the soup is a delicious thick brown with calamari and tender prawns.

Seafood bisque soup

Seafood Biscuits Soup | Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

For starters, we order their Crispy Lotus Stem, Pan Seared Sticky Honey Whiskey Chicken, Masala Fried Calamari and Tawa Prawns.

Spice Fried Calamari.

Masala Fried Calamari | Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

Crispy lotus stem

Crispy Lotus Stem | Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

While the lotus stem is crispy and flavorful, the chicken, served in four shashliks, is too bland and doesn’t live up to its inviting name.

Calamari comes in generous portions and makes an ideal snack to complement cocktails and drinks. The Lounge offers a twist on the classics here – from a spicy guava meri to their marble retreat, scented with rose water and cardamom.

In addition to all-time favorites like the Long Island Iced Tea and the Long Beach Iced Tea, the bar is experimenting with cocktails inspired by the location, such as the Mahabus Dream, which is brewed with kaffir lime, white rum and coconut cream. .

The prawns are spicy, although a bit too rubbery. For the main course we order the Genoese pesto pasta from Marmores, which feels like a warm hug for the inside after the fiery prawns.

Genoese Pesto Pasta

Genovese Pesto Pasta | Photo credit: Shriya Banerjee.

Since the project is still in the soft launch phase, many dishes on the menu (especially pasta) are not available. Many of the cocktails are also not available right now, though Jiva says that will be rectified in the next couple of weeks.

For a city that loves sunsets on the beach, Marmores is a welcome new addition to the scene.

Marmorus is located at 18, Othvadai Cross Street, Fishermen’s Colony, Mamlapuram. Open all day from noon – 3.30pm and 7pm – 10.30pm. A meal for about two prices 2,000 Call 7845663035 for reservation.

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