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Another fatal crash involving Tesla Autopilot reported in Utah, probe ordered

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Another incident of a fatal crash involving Tesla Autopilot has come to light from the state of Utah where a motorcycle rider was killed on Sunday. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on Tuesday that a special investigation has been initiated into the crash involving a Tesla Model 3. The driver of the Tesla told the police that at the time, the vehicle was in Autopilot – an advanced driver assistance system that takes over some driving tasks but needs the driver to remain attentive.
According to a Reuters report, NHTSA has opened 38 special investigations since 2016 of crashes involving Tesla vehicles and where advanced driver assistance systems such as Autopilot were suspected of being used. A total of 19 crash deaths have been reported in those Tesla-related investigations, including the most recent fatal Utah crash.
The Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) said on Sunday, a Harley Davidson motorcycle was traveling in the high occupancy lane southbound on I-15 near Draper, Utah at 1:09 a.m. when a Tesla collided with the back of the motorcycle, which threw the rider from the bike. The 34-year-old motorcyclist rider suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene.

DPS said “the driver advised he had the Autopilot setting on” and did not see the motorcyclist.”

Last week, NHTSA said it opened a special investigation into the crash of a 2021 Tesla Model Y vehicle that killed a motorcyclist in California. Media reports said a 48-year-old motorcyclist was killed on July 7 after a collision with a 2021 Tesla Model Y on the Riverside Freeway in California.
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