At Bengaluru’s Jamming Got 3.0, Goan Bar shakes up the classic recipes.

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Jaming Goat 3.0 in Bengaluru is the latest restaurant to open its doors under the Jaming Goat brand, known for its premium beach shack in Marjoda, Goa and the ancient Portuguese residence in Calangute. Restaurants and bars have recently expanded their presence in the city. However, instead of sticking to the formulas of its predecessors, it adopts a progressive culinary approach, offering portions of India’s regional cuisine with a modern twist.

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For example, an otherwise homemade meal Thayer Saddam Chilli stir-fry with prawns Kerala-style chilli prawns with curd is prepared as a fluffy rice pudding topped with coconut flakes.

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Co-founder and mixologist Avinash Kapuli chose the animal-inspired name for the restaurant, inspired by The Dead Rabbit Pub in New York. “After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of ​​GOAT, which stands for Greatest Ever. As for the jamming part, when the goats eat, they bob their heads as if they Jamming to some music. That’s how Jamming Got was born.

Starters on the menu offer unique twists on classic dishes. Crispy Broccoli Poppers, for example, are coated with charcoal balls, offering a crunchy texture that complements the cool avocado and wasabi mousse. Meanwhile, Nepalese style The swing Momos are served in a rich tomato and peanut curry, topped with a drizzle of chili oil.

Nepalese style swing momos at Jamming Goat 3.0, Bengaluru.

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Nepalese style swing momos at Jamming Goat 3.0, Bengaluru. | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

Chef Sombir Chowdhury’s mission at Jamming Goat 3.0 is to breathe new life into regional, seasonal cuisine with innovative methods and ingredients, all while enhancing its aesthetic appeal through bespoke plating and crockery.

While their beautiful beach establishments dutifully satisfy tourists’ chicken cravings Tux with Tandoori Rotis and post-swim beer, Jaming Goat distinguishes itself in Bengaluru with its innovative approach to food and drinks. In Metropolis, he has finally found a crowd willing to partake in his culinary and beverage experiments. “The audience here is looking for a dining experience, different from traditional beer and pub grub…they want a premium atmosphere, innovative cuisine and specialty drinks,” says Cappoli.

For those looking for something truly unexpected, there is. Kema Golgappa With mild curd, which brings together the wonderful flavors of Mughlai Minced meat With humble and crisp Golgipas Up our alley, with a creamy curd that kicks up the spice.

The culinary team and bartenders have devised an imaginative menu, but there are occasional slip-ups in pursuit of the latest fad. For example, the corn and leeks money bags were dull with green food coloring, which one could discard. Nevertheless, his bold approach to culinary experimentation is admirable, and his innovative flair is reflected in most of his dishes.

The menu also includes a “Goa to Bengaluru” section with cocktails and food.

Jamming Goat 3.0, Bengaluru is not a G&T cocktail.

Jamming Goat 3.0, Bengaluru is not a G&T cocktail. | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

At the bar, Cupoli prepares classic cocktails with a contrarian twist, such as the “whiskey sour”. This cocktail maintains the original taste and texture while avoiding the egg white aroma, using alternative ingredients to achieve a similar flavor profile. Similarly, their cocktail “isn’t a G&T” is a gin infused with sweet vermouth, lime and elderflower soda, surprising you with the ingredients and delivering the taste buds.

The character of the JP Nagar branch also emerges from its architecture. Architect Sunita Reddy has blended the ethos of past, present and future in the space in such a way that one can recognize the past in towering Roman columns, the present in paintings and the mirror that reflects your present actions, while A digital chandelier hangs. Overhead, indicates an unknown future.

And to keep you company, while you ponder the nature of existence and the continuity of time, here’s a reconstructed version of the traditional Portuguese sawdust pudding, Serradora, A creamy foam Rabdi and with a balance of textures from condensed milk, cookie crumble and a blueberry fruit base.

Jamming Goat 3.0 is at Outer Ring Road, JP Nagar Phase 5, Bengaluru. Open from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Call +919739660606 for details.

Jamming goat logo

Jamming Goat Logo | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

JammingGoat 3.0

Hits: Crispy Broccoli Poppers with Avocado and Wasabi Mousse, Nepalese Style Chicken The swing Momos

Remembers: Mini bag of corn and leeks

Wallet Factor: A meal at two prices 2,500

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