Bajaj announced a price cut for the Chetak.

Bajaj Auto has launched the Chetak Premium 2023 edition at Rs 1.51 lakh. On the other hand, Bajaj has dropped the price of the existing premium variant of the Chetak and it is now priced at ₹1.21 lakh.

The new premium edition of the Chetak electric scooter features a new, full-color LCD display and a set of new colors — Matte Quartz Grey, Matte Caribbean Blue and Satin Black. Other product highlights are two-tone seats, body-color rear-view mirrors, satin black grab rails and matching pillion footrest castings. The headlamp casing, blinkers and central trim elements are now in charcoal black. Aside from these cosmetic tweaks, there are no updates to the battery or motor.

Since the launch, Bajaj Chetak is estimated to sell a total of 38,771 units by the end of January 2023. This is significantly lower than the 77,664 units of the TVS iQube e-scooter, which was also launched in January 2020.

Bajaj Chetak sales have, to some extent, been affected by its low range of 90km on a single charge and also its smaller network compared to its rivals. In an attempt to address this, Bajaj Auto issued a circular last month stating that the Chetak’s claimed Indian Driving Conditions (IDC) range is set to increase by 20% to 108km. This improved riding range will help attract more buyers.

The Chetak EV is currently retailed in over 60 cities across India. Bajaj Auto now plans to make the e-scooter available in around 100 stores across 85 cities by the end of March 2023. 40 of these stores are special experience centers.

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