Bank account balance zero! Chinese app E-Movie cheats thousands of Bangladeshis.

V News reported that lakhs of people have been duped into opening account numbers in Rajshahi with a minimum of 2,000 taka in the hope that they will get dollars if they buy movie tickets on a Chinese app.

Their account balance has gone to zero and they are worried after the fraud is detected by a Chinese app.

V News reported that an office was opened in Siruel Colony in Rajshahi Nagar to carry out these activities, but the office has also been locked after the fraud came to light.

Victims said they were duped using a Chinese app called E-Movie.

According to a V News report, a man named Manik from Siruel Colony area of ​​the city started promoting the app in Rajshahi.

As per the rules, an account number on the app has to be opened with a minimum of Rs 2000. This money was to be used to buy movie tickets from different countries.

After purchasing the ticket, the profit is instantly transferred to the account holder’s number. But the money had to be converted into dollars to buy tickets, V News reported.

When money is sent to a specific number through Bakash or other mobile financial applications, it is converted into dollars and reflected in the user’s account number. However, the more money the account number opens, the higher the profit rate.

If you open another person’s account number, the dollar will be added to your own account number. The app had created a storm among the youth in various villages of Rajshahi since mid-October last. In order to become rich overnight without doing any work, they opened account numbers with more money and joined the race to become big men, reported V News.

According to reports, one of the victims sold his motorcycle to open the account. They WHO He quickly took the money. Some have become owners of a lot of money.

The deposited amount is ‘cashed out’ through bkash or nagad. Monik’s office had announced a few days ago that the number of users of the app in Rajshahi city had crossed two thousand, V News reported.

Another victim, Himal, from Rajshahi Nagar suburb, said Manik explained to him and opened an account number by paying 12,000 taka. Profits were also added to his account number. for several days, money Cannot be withdrawn from this account. Monk said that the money can be withdrawn from February 12. But all the account numbers were zero.

He further said that a Chinese man named ‘Mo Ji Li’ had sent a short message on everyone’s mobile phone. It is said that if 30% of the amount is deposited now, the amount can be withdrawn from the account number with profit.

After receiving the message, they all understood the flaw, Hummel said, reported V News.

Faheem, another youth from the same area, echoed Hamil. He said that he has two account numbers. One deposited USD 111 and the other USD 95. The account number has been reset to zero since last Monday.

He said that depositing 30 percent of this amount is also a new trap.

Meanwhile, Monk is nowhere to be found. His phone is switched off. V News reported that no one knows where Monk’s house is.

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