BBC documentary on PM Modi: Center now orders to stop tweet sharing, said – This documentary has damaged the image

Central government has ordered to block tweets sharing BBC documentary on PM Modi. An investigation into the documentary revealed that this was an attempt to deface the image. Tweets that shared the YouTube link to the documentary have also been blocked. These instructions have been issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

This has been reported in media reports with reference to sources. At the same time, the ministry said the BBC had not made it available in India. A YouTube channel uploaded it. It appears to have been uploaded to promote an anti-India agenda.

Center now orders to stop tweet sharing,BC documentary on PM Modi

YouTube and Twitter action
It is being told that YouTube has also directed to prevent the video from being re-uploaded on its platform. Twitter has also instructed other platforms to identify and block tweets containing links to videos.

According to media reports, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered that all videos shared on YouTube of the first episode of the BBC documentary be blocked. Twitter has been ordered to block more than 50 tweets containing links to YouTube videos of the BBC documentary “India: The Modi Question”.

These instructions were issued in exercise of emergency powers under the IT Rules, 2021. Both YouTube and Twitter have followed suit. Let us tell you that this documentary film has been made by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the public broadcaster of Great Britain. It was described by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs as “a piece of propaganda” that lacked objectivity and reflected colonial attitudes.

The government said propaganda against the country
The Government of India had declared the BBC documentary on the Gujarat riots as propaganda against Prime Minister Modi and the country. “We don’t know the agenda behind this documentary, but it is not fair,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arndam Bagchi said in a media briefing on Thursday. This is propaganda against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Bagchi also said that the documentary was an attempt to run a particular kind of propaganda narrative against India. It can be seen in the documentary that the people and organizations associated with it have a certain type of thinking, because there is no reality in it. It reflects the colonial mentality. We don’t know what agenda is behind it?

The British Prime Minister also protested, on the other hand, there was a debate on the BBC documentary in the British Parliament. Pakistani origin MP Imran Hussain said – Narendra Modi was directly responsible for the Gujarat riots. Even now the riot victims have not got justice. He asked British Prime Minister Rishi Shankar what he has to say about Modi’s role in the riots.

To this, Sink said – I do not agree at all with the way Prime Minister Modi has been portrayed in the BBC documentary. He said – the position of the British government is clear. We do not tolerate violence in any part of the world, but I do not agree with the portrait of PM Modi portrayed in the documentary.

The first episode was telecast on January 17, the government removed it the next day.
BBC released the first episode of ‘The Modi Question’ documentary on YouTube on 17th January. The second episode was scheduled to release on January 24. Even earlier, the central government had removed the first episode from YouTube. The description of the first episode reads that the documentary explores the tension between India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Muslim minority. Investigates claims of Narendra Modi’s role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat. Let us tell you that the committee formed on the instructions of the Supreme Court to investigate the Gujarat riots had given a clean chit to Narendra Modi.

UK MP said – Documentary is not fair.
UK MP Lord Rami Ranger tweeted about the BBC documentary on 18 January. He told BBC – You have hurt the sentiments of over 100 crore people of India. The sentiments of the democratically elected Prime Minister, the Indian Police and the Indian Judiciary have been hurt. We condemn the Gujarat riots, but also criticize your biased reporting.

The Supreme Court has given a clean chit to PM Modi.
The SIT was constituted by the Supreme Court in connection with the 2002 riots in Gujarat. The committee did not find Narendra Modi’s hand in the riots. The SIT had said that no evidence was found against Modi. In June 2022, the Supreme Court upheld the clean chit given to Modi by the SIT.