‘Bomai Nyagi’ Movie Review: Yogi Babu Takes On Justice And Judiciary In This Impressive Style

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Srimathi and Yogi Babu in the stills of 'Boomai Nyagi'
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Srimathi and Yogi Babu in the stills of ‘Bomai Nyagi’ Photo credit: Special Arrangements

An arrhythmic sequence of musical notes that eventually builds to an ascending scale. In this way one can gauge the speed of the writer and director Shaan. Bomai Nyagi. There is a sense of disconnect between the scenes that set up the film. We see the complex dynamics between Velu (Yogi Babu), who works at a tea shop in Cuddalore, and his half-brother Senthal (Aroldas). The Senthal has a soft spot for Velu, but being one of the richest men in town means that the Senthal has to rub shoulders with the influential, high-caste men that the Senthal has in common with Velu. Don’t like to be treated like anything else. To Velu, his wife Kyalozi (Subtra), father (GM Kumar), mother, and above all, his daughter Bomai Nyagi (Srimathi) are the world and he is busy collecting money to buy his stall. . Sean uses a song to show the beautiful equality between father and daughter.

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As individual scenes, they don’t cause any problems, but with the screenplay jumping from scene to scene, the storytelling feels rushed. Before you jump in to make up your mind, remember how musical notes go up, as these are all set up for early problems. Bomai Nyagi tells the story of an uphill battle that a father and a mother face when their nine-year-old daughter is sexually abused by powerful men. A man who until then had only minded his own business, Velo’s world came crashing down. Everything goes wrong just as the kid tends to post the incident. After his daughter is almost taken hostage in the ICU ward of a hospital owned by the accused’s relatives, and when he learns that the police are also biased, Velu, a Communist Party activist Jeeva (Harikrishnan) Attracts, which helps. Voiceless question injustice.

A lot happens in rapid succession. Bomai NyagiAnd you don’t get time to process the kind of movie you think is going to happen. Will it use the subject of sexual abuse to evoke an emotional response? Or will it become an action revenge story? Bomai NyagiHowever, is unlike anything we’ve had in the genre and packs a lot of surprises into its 120-minute runtime.

Bomai Nyagi (Tamil)

Director: glory

The cast: Yogi Babu, Srimathi, Sabatra, GM Sundar, Aroldos

Run time: 125 minutes

The story line: A father and a mother have to fight a long battle through the courts after their nine-year-old daughter is sexually assaulted.

While there are many titles that explore the various aspects of injustice and systematic oppression that certain sections of society are subjected to, Bomai Nyagi Talks about ‘justice beyond the courts’. Judiciary is a system of courts whose purpose is to uphold justice, but what if the importance of justice determined by the court is not shared by other important parties like the police? For many voiceless sections of society, the fight never ends with a verdict. It is a never-ending journey for which they must prepare themselves mentally and emotionally.

It’s a bloodbath to witness how men will stand up to pedophiles over a powerless father whose life has been uprooted. With a few twists and turns in a typical straightforward story, writer-director Shaan finds plenty of space for the oppressed to ask many necessary questions. He also throws in the seeds of a larger narrative here and there for a better emotional payoff. For example, on three separate occasions, Bomai Nyagi asks Velu, “Father, where did you go? You said you would be back soon,” and in each of these instances, you Something feels different, something more intense.

Subatra, Srimathi and Yogi Babu in a still from 'Bomai Nyagi'

Subatra, Srimathi, and Yogi Babu in the stills of ‘Bomai Nyagi’ Photo credit: Special Arrangements

In Yogi Babu, Shaan gets a reliable actor who pushes the challenging role of a father and a harmless man to extremes with ease. Sabatra, as usual, strikes the right chord with an impressive performance. Child artiste Srimathi, meanwhile, has a surprising entry that delivers well.

Bomai Nyagi Not a great movie. In fact, it takes a lot of cinematic freedom to make his point. This is not a subtle film by any means – the language is very much on the face. Additionally, Senthil’s character arc also takes an incredible turn. Some of the coups, in the end, seem jarring. But this is an important addition to Neelam Productions’ arsenal, and like Banner’s previous films, gives hope to the justice system, asks people to believe in goodness among others (like party worker Jeeva or Velu). K) friend who owns a beef stall), and also asks you to be aware of what can all go wrong even when it seems like the worst is over.

Above all, notice a moment when Shaan articulates who the real Mother India is, at a time when her identity has been distorted and abused by political extremism.

Bomai Nyagi will hit the theaters on February 3.

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