‘Chhatriwali’ movie review: Rakul Preet Singh shines in this timely story on sex education

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Rakul Preet Singh in a still from 'Chhatriwali'
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Rakul Preet Singh in a still from ‘Chhatriwali’ Photo credit: ZEE5

A social drama with humor that highlights the importance of contraception and sex education in schools and society. umbrella Provides a dose of positivity and protection against boredom.

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Centered around an unemployed but hard-working girl who joins a rubber quality testing business, the story’s crux and the protagonist’s obstacles are surprisingly similar. Nusrat Bharucha Actor, Continued in Jannah (JMJ)which last year appealed thanks to its rustic humor in a small-town setting and credible performances.

The fascination of the idea of ​​a girl in a condom factory reminds me of the days when Arunachalam Muruganantham’s success story on ‘Padman’ spawned multiple screenplays in a short span of time. As the end credits point out, this is an outdated idea because in real life many women from different walks of life are already employed in the field of contraception. It is only the tube light of Bollywood that lit up when there was a demand for issue oriented cinema.

Chhatriwali (Hindi)

Director: Tejas Vijay Devskar

The cast: Rakul Preet Singh, Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Telang, Prachi Shah, Rakesh Bedi

Run time: 116 minutes

The story line: A chemistry graduate gets a job at a contraceptive factory, and it disrupts his personal life.

In addition to predicting the plot, umbrella, Set in Karnal, Haryana , Almost as much fun JMJ And will appeal to audiences who expect more from their daily soaps. Written and directed (by Tejas Vijay Devskar) with sensitivity and a reasonable understanding of the characters’ backgrounds, the narrative largely cleans the preachy pitfalls that usually comprise such stories. Instead of painting people in monochrome, authors Sanchatgupta and Priyadarshi Srivastava explore the flaws in our education system in the age of search engines. It examines the male understanding of the female body and the silence of women in the name of tradition and the false notion of family honor.

A chemistry graduate for whom life is a laboratory, Sanya (Rakul Preet Singh) is desperately looking for employment. A chance meeting with the owner of a condom company (Satish Kaushik) lands him a job as a quality control manager. As expected, this creates fault lines in her personal space and her love life takes a turn for the worse.

Married into a family that is in the business of selling materials for religious rituals, her job does not fit the social profile of the family. She could understand her intermediate fail husband (Sumit Vyas), but couldn’t get past the moral compass of her brother-in-law (Rajesh Telang), a biology teacher. At school, he comes across as a sympathetic instructor but teaches chapters on sexual reproduction through examples of birds. In his personal life, he appears to be a caring husband and father but considers the use of contraceptives to be a social crime. His wife (Prachi Shah) mistakes his tough attitude for love and is hurt.

After a long wait, Raquel has been cast in a performance-based role. In a Hindi film and she charms her way through a diverse display of emotions. Shedding her glam avatar, for once, Rockwell steps out of the shadow of a male star and delivers a remarkable performance.

Sumit Vyas is excellent as the husband caught between a forward-looking wife and a friendly brother who wants to bind him in obscurity in the name of tradition. Veterans Rakesh Bedi and Kaushik join in with interesting cameos. Although a little old and a little simplistic, umbrella A timely story that leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Chhatriwali is currently airing on ZEE 5.

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