‘Christy’ Movie Review: Malavika Mohanan’s film has a promising set-up that leads to an unexpected disappointment.

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Malvika Mohanan and Matthew Thomas in a picture from 'Christy'
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Malvika Mohanan and Matthew Thomas in a still from ‘Christy’ Photo credit: Think Music India/YouTube

When Roy first meets Christy, he cannot see her face. Her face turned away from the wall, she sits among tattered photographs in a room marked by disarray. A confused Roy (Matthew Thomas), who came to Christy’s (Malavika Mohanan) for tutoring to improve his failing grades, rushes out of the house. That scene, and the ones that follow, seem to have been written in a specific way to describe Christie’s state of mind at the time. Yet, as the narrative progresses, we gradually slip out of her mind, so much so that, at key points, we are left wondering what she might be thinking.

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No one is sure if the scriptwriters intended to convey Roy’s growing distance from Christie in this way, but it doesn’t work and ruins the hard work they put into building the chemistry between the young man and his elder. does Ustad is the name of the movie though. ChristyWe see everything here from an opinion point of view. Debutant Alvin Henry has a lot of work to do to convince his relations, and he pulls off the part with some finesse.

Christy (Malayalam)

Director: Alvin Henry

The cast: Malavika Mohanan, Matthew Thomas

The story line: Roy, a confused and aimless teenager, falls into a complicated relationship with his tutoring teacher, Christy.

The teenager’s aimlessness, confusion, and carelessness all lead to a chill, which draws him even further to Christy, for whom Roy’s calming presence is a much-needed comfort during a difficult time in his life. It’s not love at first sight for Roy. Rather, he likes it when his friends start making fun of him. The script, by writers Benjamin and GR Indogopan, hits its high points in parts where the narrative development is quite fluid. Govind Vasantha’s music elevates these stages marked by Roy’s eagerness and Christy’s indecisiveness. The only thing that spoils the mood is the way almost the entire cast gets the coastal dialect wrong.

As the narrative progresses, however, we become confused by Christie’s actions. At one point, she appears shocked by some of his actions, but is later shown to mildly approve of them. It’s also the last time we get any indication of what’s going on in his mind. Later, we see Roy take all sorts of extreme measures to be close to her, but all we see from her are blank stares or tears. We’re not really sure if she’s holding back or dying to reject him.

Thanks to poor writing, the film is stuck at the airport for a long time where nothing really happens. It seemed like the writers were struggling with no ideas to finish the beautiful thing they had created. He might even be looking for a safe place to land, much to the chagrin of feathers, considering past criticism against stories of this nature. Although they manage to land safely, the spirit of their creation perishes in the process.

Christy is currently playing in theaters.

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