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corona in North Korea: 2.70 lakh cases found in one day, 17 lakh active cases, There is no vaccine in the country

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Corona is increasing rapidly in North Korea. About 17 lakh people are corona positive here. On Tuesday, 2,69,510 new corona patients were found here. Six people have died due to corona infection during 24 hours. Since April, 62 people have died due to infection. The army has been deployed in front of all drug shops in the capital Pyongyang.

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The situation is getting worse due to lack of adequate test kits to test the corona. In view of the fear of uncontrollable infection and anger among the people in North Korea, dictator Kim Jong Un has put thousands of soldiers on the streets. According to the United Nations report, North Korea and the African country Eritrea have not taken the vaccine in the world.

40% malnourished… who are exacerbating the effects of the virus

About 40% of people in North Korea are malnourished. Because of these, the corona virus is becoming uncontrollable. In the midst of this crisis, South Korea had offered to provide masks, vaccines and test kits to North Korea, but Kim refused.

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According to experts, the health system of North Korea with a population of 260 million is the worst in the world. There is a severe shortage of hospitals, specialized care units, COVID drugs and testing systems. On this, the US has warned that if the situation does not improve soon, then there may be a coup of Kim.

North Korea rejects all proposals of WHO to get vaccine

Before the outbreak of the virus in North Korea, China and the WHO had made several proposals for the Kovid vaccine to Kim, but he turned it down. However, after the rapid spread of infection in the country, China has once again made new proposals to North Korea.

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