Filmmaker Pari: Kalatapsavi Vishwanath is no more.

File photo of Telugu film director K Viswanadh.

File photo of Telugu film director K Viswanadh. | Photo credit: CV Subrahmanyam

Renowned film director Kasinadhoni Vishwanath (92) passed away in Hyderabad on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday. He is survived by his wife and three children.

Ailing for some time, the filmmaker was admitted to a private hospital when his pulse dropped sharply. He breathed his last around midnight. His cremated remains were shifted to his residence in Jubilee Hills.

Born on 19 February 1930 in Guntur district, Kalatapsavi – as he was popularly known – was a leading film director and screenwriter who also starred in a few hit films. He directed more than 50 films in Telugu, Hindi and Tamil languages.

His top movies are included. Sankarabharnam, Sri Sri Mova, Sapatpadi, Sabhalekha, Sagarasingam. Swathimatham, Sutradhrulu, Sruthililu, Subhasankalpam, Apthabandhudu, Swayamkarushi And Swaranakamalam. Swathimothamthe Kamal Haasan-starrer blockbuster film 59 was India’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film. Th Academy Awards.

K Viswanath made his directorial debut with it. Atma Gurum In 1965, who won the Nandi Award for Best Feature Film as a debut director. It was the last film he directed. Sabhaparadham In 2010 He also made his acting debut in 1995. Subhasankalpam And was last seen in a Kannada film. open up. He appeared in more than two dozen films and appeared alongside top Telugu heroes.

He won five National Film Awards, seven Nandi Awards, and 10 Filmfare Awards for South. In 1992, he was awarded the Raghupati Venkaiah Award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, and in 2017, the Central Government awarded him the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the highest honor in Indian cinema.

Incidentally, its blockbuster Sankarabharanama film that tells the story of a rare and extraordinary bond between classical music maestro Shankara Sastri and his admirer Tulsi, a woman from a family of sex workers, released 43 years ago today. was

Immediately after his death, a wave of grief swept over the film industry. Condolences were expressed from the industry on the untimely demise of the legendary director.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy expressed condolences on the demise of the legendary film director.

Mr. Reddy said that Vishwanath is one of the best film directors ever in Telugu. He said that the legendary director not only earned worldwide fame with his critically acclaimed films but also gave recognition to Telugu culture and Indian arts.

Mr. Rao recalled his association with the filmmaker and said that he had personally visited his residence when he was ill. He said that the works of Vishwanath will be remembered by all.

Telangana Ministers Niranjan Reddy, Sathyavathi Rathore and State Planning Board Vice Chairman B Vinod Kumar also expressed condolences.

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