Foods that increase uric acid : These 5 things can skyrocket uric acid, it’s wise to avoid them on time.

Foods that increase uric acid: Certain foods can raise uric acid too much. Due to this, various health related problems also start.

Foods that increase uric acid: Have you started experiencing severe pain in the fingers or stiffness and swelling in the joints, if yes, these may be symptoms of uric acid build-up. If uric acid is not filtered in the body, it begins to accumulate in the form of crystals in the joints. Apart from this, increasing uric acid also causes the problem of gout, which is a type of rheumatic disease. There are many foods and drinks that increase the uric acid level in the body excessively, which is why one should start consuming these foods.

Foods that increase uric acid Foods that increase uric acid

The foods discussed here are high in purine. Purine is the factor that increases uric acid. Therefore, if uric acid increases in the body, do not eat these things.


Meat with intestines is avoided. It includes liver, kidney and liver etc. In addition, red meat also contains purines.

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Almost all types of alcohol contain purines, and not only are they present, but they are present in large amounts. If you already have high levels of uric acid in your body, drinking alcohol can cause gout and increase joint swelling and pain.


Sweets are great to eat, but they can also be your enemy when it comes to uric acid. Fructose found in sweets begins to break down in the body and increases uric acid.

Sweet drinks

Many studies have shown that soft or cold drinks with added sugar also increase uric acid. They are high in fructose, which increases the risk of gout by 85%.

Ice cream

Ice cream is something that almost everyone eats. If you want to go out for a walk or have a sweet tooth at home, ice cream is ordered. But for people worried about uric acid build-up, ice cream becomes less fun and more of a torment. An even distance is also necessary.

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