Google Duo-GMeet merger starts rolling out: What has changed and what not for users

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Google started rolling out the Duo-Meet merger update last month to a select number of Android users. This too in certain regions. 9to5Google has now reported that the update has now gained pace and is rolling out to a wider number of users – across multiple regions and on both Android and iOS operating systems.

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The report mentions that devices running Google Duo version 170 now have a new “Duo is getting better” card at the top of the homescreen. We also checked the same at our office and it appears to be true.

Google Duo-Meet merger: What has changed

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Google Duo essentially retains the same user interface. But there are certain things that have changed as well. While the Homescreen is still the same, tapping on the ‘New’ button at the bottom right corner now includes Google Meet options as well. These include ‘Create a new meeting’, ‘Schedule in Google Calendar’ and Create group at the top along with the entire contact list of all the people who are available on Google Duo. This is exactly how it used to be on the platform earlier..

What GMeet features are available on Duo

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In addition to the ability to create, schedule and join meet calls, Duo also gets some Google Meet features. According to the Google Duo support page, Google Duo gets the following features and capabilities of GMeet. Here’s the list:

– In-meeting chat
– Live closed captions in a video call
– Virtual backgrounds and visual effects.
– Enhanced video and audio experiences with noise cancellation.
– Schedule a meeting or set up instant meetings so people can join when they’re ready.
– Larger groups of up to 100 people on video.

What hasn’t changed on Duo
Well, practically speaking, all the Duo capabilities are still there. Users can still choose their Duo contacts to make one-on one video calls, send messages, notes and audio calls. This also includes pre-recorded video messages, voice notes, etc.

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