Google has warned iPhone and Android users about this Photos app feature.

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Google is warning both iPhone and Android phone users about the “estimated photo locations” feature, which stores sensitive data with photos you take. How does Google detect locations in clicked images? Google explains that your photo can save the location where the photo was taken. Your device’s camera saves your location with a photo. Google Photos infers your location from information such as landmarks in your photo and locations in your other photos.

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Now a Google alert is informing users that photo locations come from multiple sources, including Google Photos. However, it should be noted that Google stopped using photo locations to know where you clicked a particular photo or recorded a video. However, it also works using other methods such as ‘missing locations estimation’.

- Advertisement - reports that when opening Google Photos app, you’ll be prompted to choose whether to keep or remove any existing estimated locations. If you choose to delete them, a warning message will appear, informing you that: “Deleting estimated photo locations based on location history may permanently damage these estimated locations.” Is.”

It’s entirely up to you to keep or delete existing locations from Google Photos on your device depending on what you’re comfortable with. Currently, Google is giving you a choice. If you do not choose to retain your approximate locations before May 1, 2023, Google will automatically delete them. Select Delete if you don’t want to save your photo locations.

If you want to remove existing locations from your Google Photos on iPhones and Android devices, here’s how you can do it:

How to remove a location from your Google Photos

  • On You Android phonetablet or iPhone, open Google Photos.
  • Open a photo or video.
  • Tap the plus mark with three horizontal dots and then tap Edit.
  • Now add or select a location from your recent locations and tap on remove location.
  • You can also edit the location of multiple photos. Just select the photos whose location you want to edit in Google Photos and tap More to select ‘Edit Location’. Here, you will be able to add or select a location for the photo.

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