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how to find website not rank in google

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how to find website not rank in google : Anyone can be a website, whatever the purpose of the website is, but everyone will say that their website should be shown in search engines or users click on you and visit the website.

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If you have a website or you think you have done all it takes to rank the website, still your website search is not showing me. You have to check now or do that too.

What to do, before telling about that website not to rank, I would suggest you that how to rank website or what is required for that, you must read for them also:

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So let’s go now that why the website is not able to rank in Google even after doing all kinds of things, where are you doing mistake or how can that mistake be rectified.

how to find website not rank in google

If we talk about all the points in total then they mainly fall in 4 category, or there will be any problem in any of these, google will not be able to rank me on your website.. i.e 4 category.

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Indexing and Crawl Issues: Your website’s settings have enabled me to block your crawler, or your website cannot be crawled in any way.

Technical problems with your website: Website I have a technical problem, a code error, or the website is very slow.

Linking problem: The number of links in the website is not correct, or the backlink profile is also not good.

Content and Keyword Issues: The website I am satisfied with is not good or the way the user wants.

Let us now know in detail about all the points due to which your website is not ranking in Google.

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1. Your site/page is not on Google | how to find website not rank in google

If you are not sure whether your website is indexed by Google, it is easy for you to find your website by searching the words “site:”. You must know about The URL of the website or if you want to check any page, then its URL has to be searched.

Site: With the help of operation, you can check any website/page whether it is indexed in Google or not. Also read information on Google useful search operators.

how to find website not rank in google

Check After search in Google, then your website Show on search Results and every page show google search its means your website index  on google.. is there any other reason not to come on top.

If your website is not showing in google even after searching like this then it is matlab that there is some google penalty on your website.

If you have disabled US time indexing when you have created the website, but now the website is completely ready, you still haven’t turned us off. Even then, it may have to do a little investigation on that too.

2. Your website is brand new | how to find website not rank in google

If you have a brand new website, then the page you are searching in Google is new, then you need to wait for some time. ,

You can manually submit your post to Google for quick indexing of posts.

If you haven’t added your website to Search Console, add it first, then submit a site map of your website. website, which they add quickly for indexing.

Along with submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console, you should also check the important setting to see if your tick is set.

how to find website not rank in google

3. Your Content Isn’t Indexed

The most common reason why a page is not indexed by Google is that the page is indexed.

It is simply a meta tag that, if it is on a page, signals to Google that the page that issued them is not to be indexed. Usually an index is used when we want the page it is on is not google me show.

<meta name = “robot” content = “noindex”>

If you use Yoast, Rankmath or any seo plugin then you will get option Hi in post editor. From there you can choose setting whether you want to index US page or not.

4. Robots.txt and Google Blocked

If we do not want the website to appear in Google, then we do not index.

We can tell from the robots.txt file of our website which page the search engine should crawl or not.

If your website isn’t showing on Google me, you may have accidentally set robots.text to false.

Robots.txt kaise set kare uski jankari aapko yaha mil jayegi.

If your blog is on WordPress, you should also check my search engine visibility setting if you have us disabled

how to find website not rank in google

You can also check your robots.txt code in Search Console to see if it’s blocking or allowing it to be indexed.

The URL of the robots.txt file is where you can view your website’s robots.txt file.

5. Website I have a technical problem

Website If I have a technical error, it could also be a reason, whichBecause of this your website is not being shown to me by google..

First of all, you should check whether your website is loading fast or not. Because only you know that why would anyone like a slow website.. That’s why even Google does not like slow website.

Now it is necessary to have SSL certificate on the website as well. If any website is full of https:// http:// me then we are considered as unsafe website from where any hacker can easily steal user data.. so if you have installed ssl certificate on your website then me If yes, do it now.

You have installed theme in your website, which may also be due to technical issue.. so try to install hi theme or plugin download from trusted source

You will get to know in this podcast what is technical SEO or how we can rank our website with the help of technical SEO.

6. Website is penalized | how to find website not rank in google

Google has SEO guidelines, which if someone does not follow or bypasses blackhat SEO, then as the case may be, Google comes to know about it and removes the website from Google search.

If you are using a date that is not correct to rank your website, your website may be removed from Google’s search for us.

If you buy links or do keyword stuffing to rank keywords then your website/page can be penalized.

Google’s guest post guideline or keyword kaise use kare uske ware me jarur read kare.

Having broken links also has a bad effect on the ranking of the website, so you should also check if there is any 404 error in your website, or if so, correct us.

If you want to rank your website in Google then you should also know what is SEO or how it works. Because if you have no knowledge of SEO or have incomplete information, then you will do something wrong so that your website will not be in Google.

7. Website does not have proper internal linking

Articles on the website are correct, write or try to write.. But a blogger does one thing wrong that he does not do the right internal link in your post.

If you want to rank your website’s posts then you have to do right internet.

With the help of internet links, it helps to index our posts quickly, as well as when a user comes to our website, with the help of internal links, it goes from one page to another, which has a low bounce rate. Which is the ranking signal of the website.

While doing internal linking, you have to keep in mind that whatever link you are giving in the post is related to US article or it should help the user visiting US post..

8. Some Hi Backlinks on the Site

You must be public, what is a backlink or how to make quality backlinks or how to remove bad backlinks, which we have also shared in detail in our ware.

If the backlink is high on any page of the website, then the chances of it being ranked are very high.

If there is no backlink on your website or website has more backlink which is ranking then it will help you to know how you can create backlink on your website.

9. Your website content is great, but the competition is fierce

The quality of the content you have put in the website is poor or you have published the post after doing complete research, even after that even if your website is not ranking in Google, then it may happen that the keyword on which you are ranking They are saying that there is a lot of competition on that.

Find you low competition keywords, or use epine post me long tail keywords.. the way the search will work but there will be no problem in ranking your website..

After knowing how to do Keyword Research or how to do less Keyword Research with the help of Concise Tools, you will find it on HMH only.

10. Having Low Quality Content:

Whether it is a search engine or a user, everyone likes quality content.

The job of the search engine is to give the right information to the user who is searching or what he wants or to be sent to the right website. The website will not be on the search engine, our site will not be shown to me by the search.

I have already posted on this topic how to write great content which will be liked by both the user or Google.

The stub is published. You must read us. Also learn to write quality content.

Keep one thing in mind, quality content is that in which we get what the user wants.

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