‘Hunt’ Movie Review: Sudhir Babu’s brave move is commendable, but this cop drama needs more bite.

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Sudheer Babu in Telugu movie 'Hunt'
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Sudheer Babu in Telugu movie ‘Hunt’

Towards the end of the Telugu film, there is a revelation. Hunting, after which the camera lingers on the lead actor, Sudheer Babu, as he deals with anger, denial and acceptance of who he is. Whatever machismo he displays up to this point, baring his bulging muscles and pulling off clever action sequences, is only part of the character’s personality. Perhaps this part led the team to adapt the 2013 Malayalam psychological police drama thriller. Mumbai Police In Telugu

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In the heart of Hunting There is a bromance between three cops known as the Mumbai trio. Arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu), Aryan Dev (India) and Police Commissioner Mohan Bhargou (Srikanth) are thick as thieves until a murder separates them. For those who haven’t seen the Malayalam original, there’s a lot to chew on.

Hunt (Telugu)
Cast: Sudhir Babu, Srikanth, Bharat
Directed by: Mahesh
Music: Panic

The film opens with Arjun meeting with an accident and partial memory loss. However, Mohan entrusts him with solving a murder case, confident that he will be able to solve it. Arjun being single makes it easy for the script to leave the family angle and see him as just a cop.

Many questions arise as Arjun navigates through a new chapter in his life, unaware of his surroundings and what has come before him. The film brings in its treating doctor (Manjula Ghatamanini in a cameo) to find out what Arjun is capable of.

Most of the story revolves around three male cops but a few female characters drive the plot forward in their limited presence. As an investigating cop in Arjun’s team, Monica Reddy is impressive as a steadfast, level-headed cop who doesn’t hesitate to tell Arjun when he’s wrong.

A few hints in the narrative suggest that Arjuna is gray in complexion, prone to torture suspects, and doesn’t think twice before misbehaving with a woman. The investigation of the crime and Arjun’s rediscovery of his life are interspersed with action sequences in which he shows off his agility as well as his toned body. The plot cleverly uses this to bring out another side of his character.

Source material for Hunting is interesting. But the film does not take advantage of this to deliver an absorbing thriller drama. The crime and the investigation need to be sped up and the relationships between the various characters also lack the desired emotional weight. Srikanth is measured and restrained as an officer and friend who stands by Arjuna. Hunting belongs to Sudheer who has to be commended for playing a role that most mainstream heroes consider dangerous.

If the narrative were more engaging, Hunting would have been worthwhile.

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