‘Ntikakkakkoru Premandarnu’ Movie Review: Bhavana’s return is a poignant, heartwarming love story.

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A still from 'Ntikakkakkoru Premandarnu'
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A still from ‘Ntikakkakkoru Premandaarnnu’ Photo credit: Special Arrangements

Vintage cars are often the most used props, for the ease with which they can be used to bring them into retro mode. but I Ntikakkakkoru Premandaarnnu, this support gets a fitting representation, which becomes the reason for the chance meeting of the two childhood sweethearts. Jimmy (Sharfodheen), a vintage car dealer, spots one such car on the road and follows it to meet the owner. As it turns out, it was run by Nithya (Bhuna), whom he hadn’t met in years after their parents forced a breakup.

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Surprised smiles and a few awkward questions later, they parted ways. The next meeting is just as awkward, but the years seem to have brought no distance between them. All this happens at a critical juncture in the lives of both of them. Jimmy, after a lot of persuasion from his family, finally agrees to get married and is getting close to Fida (Anarkali look). Nithya, on the other hand, is about to divorce her abusive husband. A chance meeting changes all the equations of their lives. Their story comes to us through 10-year-old Maryam (Sania Rafi), Jimmy’s much younger sister and the film’s inspirational narrator.

Ntikkakkakkoru Premandarnu (Malayalam)

Director: Adil Maimonath Ashraf

Cast: Bhavana, Sharafudin, Ashoka, Anarkali Nazr

Runtime: 125 minutes

Abstract: Two estranged childhood sweethearts are given a second chance at reconciliation despite the odds stacked against them

In his debut film, writer-director Adil Maimonath Ashraf seems to be bent on keeping things simple. One can feel it shying away from anything that complicates the narrative, for example, the way the script revolves around an inter-religious relationship without clearly touching on the point. But at the same time, they do not shy away from pointing out many important issues and mainly tell the stories of people who, at different points in their lives, face social and family pressures, as well as their own lives. have failed to achieve their ambitions at various points. Your lack of courage

The story of failures begins with Jimmy’s father (Ashokane), who wanted to be a world-beating athlete but settled on becoming a physical education teacher. Like many parents, he tries to live that dream through his two sons, whom he named after famous athletes. In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, Jimmy breaks down and blames his father for never asking him if he wanted to be an athlete. Most of Jimmy’s life decisions were made for the happiness of the rest of the family. Nitya has also sacrificed a lot in her nine-year arranged marriage. All these characters are trying to finally take control of their lives, before it’s too late.

Bhavana, in her first film in Malayalam after a long gap of six years, plays her role with aplomb, vividly portraying the character’s struggle and the strength of her convictions, when That Sharafuddin manages to convey the pain of someone who had to do it. Many sacrifices. Although things get somewhat predictable towards the end, Adil manages to keep the film busy for the most part, with the over-dramatic background score being one of the few letdowns. Ntikakkakkoru Premandaarnnu There is a mature love story that is elevated by his performance.

Ntikkakkakkoru Premandarnu is currently playing in theatres.

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