On the direction of Brenda ‘Thugs’, breaking stereotypes and her love for lenses

(L) Simha and Haridhu in a stele of Aaron 'Thugs';  (R) Director Brinda

(L) Simha and Haridhu in a stele of Aaron ‘Thugs’; (R) Director Brinda Photo credit: Special Arrangements

Brinda, who is known for choreographing some popular film songs in several languages, made her directorial debut. Hey Sunamika last year. As he worked on several pairings, the film was also a fast-paced rom-com.

However, looking at the promotional material of his latest film, one wonders, ThugReleasing this Friday. Thug It comes across as a gritty, gritty film set against the backdrop of a prison. Ask her the reason for such a drastic change and over a phone call from Mumbai during a break from shooting a Hindi song, Brenda says, “As a choreographer, I want a change in the songs I work on. After singing a duet, I I would prefer a song like ‘Aday’ (Kadal). That’s why even Punian Selvan 1, the six songs were completely different from each other. Instead I got a romantic story ThugBut that did not interest me much.

A still from 'Thugs'

A still from ‘Thugs’ Photo credit: Special Arrangements

That’s when producer Shebo Thimans approached him with the script. ThugHaridhu wants to introduce his son Haroon to the industry. “I was scared initially, but after meeting Haridhu, I realized he is a good actor. The story was also perfect for someone of his age. The rest of the cast – Simha, RK Suresh Sir and Manishkanth. ego – came together quite well,” says Brenda, who wanted the film’s music to be different from her first project. “We wanted Sam CS to be in charge of the music given his different style. It doesn’t have many songs. Thug As the film didn’t need them. It is similar to Surya, whose character Kakha Kakha There’s a policeman, won’t dance inside. ‘Uyirin Uyire’. Just because I’m a choreographer, I didn’t want to force songs into a story that didn’t demand it. I wanted to break such stereotypes.

Interestingly, Thug It is also about breaking the stereotype that all criminals are hardened criminals. “While there are criminals who know about the consequences of a crime before committing it, there are also those who are forced by certain circumstances to fall on the wrong side of the law. The idea struck me,” Brenda said. “We spoke to some real-life ex-convicts,” says who enjoyed the change of scenery despite the grueling shoot. Their back stories and what they had to go through in correctional facilities was heart touching. This movie is inspired by Malayalam movie. Swathanthreem Ardhaarthriyal (2018) and although the essence will remain, we have tried to change its tone.

A still from 'Thugs'

A still from ‘Thugs’ Photo credit: Special Arrangements

The trailer of Thug There are also shots of custodial violence, but Brenda says there are two sides to a coin. “Regardless of the circumstances of the crime, it is natural for the police to view all criminals through the same lens. We have seen how those with power or influence were not subjected to custodial violence. On the other hand, the police daily What goes on on base is really not a walk in the park. We cannot blame the entire system for the mistakes of a few. Many of our lives have been touched by good cops. The good and the bad are everywhere. , which is also the theme of the film,” says Brenda. Talking about the technical aspects, she says, “We have not used a zoom lens at all and we have used a block lens which the film Helps to give it a raw and rustic feel. I always loved cameras and initially wanted to be a camerawoman, but since my family was already into dance, I had to follow suit.

But given the niche she has carved out for herself as a choreographer, Brenda doesn’t even have time to regret it. “I am busy with many Hindi films. I am still working on a Hindi remake with Sanya Malhotra. Great Indian cuisine. What a wonderful dancer she is; It’s great to see such talent who are interested in crafting! What more could a choreographer ask for,” says Brenda.

In Tamil, it has the next big name. Ponniyin Selvan 2.They (Ponniyin Selvan 2) All records will be broken. Mani sir, my guru, will kill it as usual,” she concludes.

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