Pakistani Tiktoker made a video in the midst of a burning forest, created a ruckus

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Pakistani Tiktoker  : Pakistan is facing severe heat these days. The mercury has reached 51 degrees in some areas. Due to this there has been a huge fire in the forests of Abbottabad. Instead of helping in this difficult time, a Tik-Tok star found it difficult to make videos in the midst of a burning forest. He is facing the anger of the people on social media.

Pakistani tiktoker has set fire to the forest for 15 sec video.

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Actually, Tik-Tok star Humaira Asghar posted a video amidst burning forests. In the caption of this video, he wrote- ‘Wherever I go, fire starts.’ After this some people accused him of setting fire. Later, Humira’s manager clarified that she had not started the fire and there was nothing wrong in making the video.

People said – this crazy act

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However, seeing the controversy escalating, he deleted the video. At the same time, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board chairperson Reena Saeed Khan has also criticized Humira. Reena Saeed said – Instead of glamorizing the fire, a bucket of water should have been kept to extinguish it.

Some people have called this video crazy. One user wrote – The message this video is giving is very dangerous. At the same time, another user termed Humira’s actions as stupid and crazy. Significantly, according to the Global Climate Risk Index, Pakistan is the eighth most vulnerable country in terms of climate change.

Record breaking heat is falling in Pakistan

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Amidst the 61-year-old record breaking heat in Pakistan, the fierce public has been hit double. According to local media reports, there is a situation of extreme heat in the country. The mercury has also crossed 48 degrees in many areas. Due to this sudden increase in demand for electricity, the power system has failed.

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