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Political crisis in Pakistan: Imran Khan government in danger, after all, why did the three biggest close of the government leave the country?

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Imran Khan government will tender his resignation even before the floor test. The former close to the government have definitely started leaving Pakistan. This link is being seen in connection with this. Let us know which of his close friends have left the country before the withdrawal of the Imran Khan government.

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New Delhi, The removal of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan from power is believed to be certain. At present, Imran’s government is going through a big political crisis. Voting on the no-confidence motion will be held in Parliament on March 25 or 28. There are many speculations about this. It is also being said that Imran will tender his resignation before the floor test. Due to this apprehension, the former close to the government have definitely started leaving Pakistan. This link is being seen in connection with this. Let us know which of his close friends have left the country before the withdrawal of the Imran government. What is his contribution to the Imran government? According to a media report, Imran’s former advisor Shahzad Akbar, Chief Secretary Azam Khan and former Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed have left Pakistan. Actually, these close to Imran feel that after the coup in Pakistan, their problems may increase, so all have fled from Pakistan.

The name of Shahzad Akbar is prominent among those who left Pakistan. Shahzad was Imran’s great advisor on corruption and internal affairs. After the formation of the Imran government, he was very close to them. After coming to power, Imran had invited him from Britain to Pakistan. Imran wanted to help Nawaz Sharif and his family get punished in corruption cases. Shahzad supported Imran Khan during his rule. He held dozens of press conferences and blamed the Sharif family. However, the court acquitted everyone as there was no evidence. Imran Sarkar was accused of scams like Ring Road, Sugar, Housing. However, the government kept silence on this. Then finally the news of Akbar’s resignation came. After that he was nowhere to be seen. Now it is being said that he has returned to London along with his family.
Azam Khan remained very close to Imran after coming to power. At that time it was discussed that the real mind behind Imran’s decisions is that of his Chief Secretary Azam Khan. On his behest, all the big journalists were fired by the channels. These include Hamid Mir, Salim Safi, Asad Ali Toor, Alia Shah, Rizwan Razi and Arzoo Kazmi. Now these same journalists are spewing venom against Imran on social media. These journalists are exposing the dark exploits of Imran’s ministers. Leader of Opposition Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman had clearly said that Azam destroyed the country. Azam Khan sensed the fragility of time. It is being said that last Friday he reached Dubai and from there on a private plane went to Miami, USA.

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3- Many things are said about the former Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed. On the one hand, he strongly reprimanded the Imran government on the issue of governance and had also raised questions on the way the government was run. On the other hand, it also emerged that they have been taking decisions at the behest of the army. It is alleged that Ahmed kept the decision on several cases related to corruption of the government pending. In one of his decisions, he had angered the army by saying that the land was given to the army for the protection of the country. Why is she earning money by building marriage halls and theaters on them. According to media reports, Gulzar’s family had gone to America long before he retired in January. He too left the country earlier this month.

Imran Khan government in trouble

The Imran Khan government seems to be in danger due to the mistrust brought by the opposition. The shocking thing is that the army has also kept silence on this entire political mess. Imran Khan seems to be losing all options to hold on to power due to the loss of the army’s support. According to the report of news agency ANI, Imran Khan, who is in trouble, may choose a suicide strategy. According to the report, the removal of the army chief may lead to the release of some controversial videos or documents related to corruption by leaders of Imran’s party. If this happens then the opposition parties will get a big chance. The report also said that the attack by PTI workers on Sindh House in Islamabad shows the desperation of Imran Khan.

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