Portable Fridge easy to carry with you, it is of great use, this gadget that comes in less than Rs 1,500

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In summer the demand for portable fridge increases a lot. You can easily set up Portable Fridge in the car. You can also go on a trip with this. Portable fridge is also available for less than Rs 1,500.

Portable Fridge: The heat is very high. In such a situation, people like to drink cold water or cold drinks. But, many times when we are on a trip, it is very difficult to get cold drinks or cold water. In this case you can use Portable Fridge.

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You can roam around in any car trip by keeping a portable fridge with you. With this you can keep your drink cold. It can be easily set in the car. You can buy this Smart Cup Mini Car Fridge for less than Rs 1,500.

It can both make your drink cold or hot. It has a capacity of up to 500ml. That is, it will work like smart car accessories for you. Thanks to the Semiconductor Peltier technology, it can instantly cool or heat a drink.

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You can buy Hoox Smart Cup Mini car Refrigerator/Fridge and Heater from e-commerce site Amazon. The company has priced it at Rs 1,499 on Amazon. It consumes 12V power from your car.

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By setting it easily in the car, you can cool a cold drink or water bottle with it. The company claims that it cools the drink up to 5 degrees. Its size is 6 x 6 x 14 cm. The company said that it comes with Universal Design. Because of this, it can be set in any car.

This portable fridge is a much better option for those who like to travel more than their car. Apart from this, you can also go with another portable freeze. Other portable fridges are not so cheap but, there is an option to keep more bottles in them.

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