Ramya Pandian: A good commercial break will change things for me.

Ramya Pandian says that she is an actor who is inspired by everything she sees and experiences. “When I watch 80s movies, I get inspired by actresses like Saritha ma’am and Revathi ma’am. And when I saw the recently released film. AyaliI was very impressed by what this little girl Abhi Nakshatra did. So, when she got to know that she was going to star opposite a veteran like Mammootty, who has 400+ films to his name, in the recent sensation Lejo Jose Pellisri. Nanpakkal Nirathu MayakamSaying yes was a no brainer.

This was during the shooting of her upcoming Sony LIV web series. Accidental Farmer & Company For which Lajo called Ramya Non-pure. “I didn’t understand why he wanted to cast me. I asked him after the film and he said I fit the role perfectly.

In the film, Ramya plays the role of Pongulazi, a Tamil single mother whose husband Sundaram mysteriously disappeared two years ago. Just when things are back to normal, her life gets a jolt when a Malayali man named James (Mammootty) enters her home, claims to be her husband, and acts like Let it be another day.

Meanwhile, for James’ wife Sally, played by Ramya Sovi, the fear is of losing her husband forever. I have many such doubles. Non-pure. “In fact, at the premiere at the International Film Festival of Kerala, the crowd applauded the shot where you see the two wives in the same frame – where Pongolazi is indoors by the window and Sally, outside, in the adjoining house. on Thanai, and their children enter the frame at the same time.”

The shot in Naanpakal Nirathu Mayakam in which Ramya says it received a standing ovation from the audience during the film's IFFK premiere.

The shot in Naanpakkal Nirathu Mayakam in which Ramya says it received a standing ovation from the audience during the film’s IFFK premiere. Photo credit: Netflix

Non-pure It’s not just about what these two characters are experiencing, but more about James/Syndrome, the inherent weirdness of the event, and the confusion it creates. This means that although her role is important, Ramya only gets a few scenes. “When I heard the story, it seemed like an important role, but I had my doubts during the shoot. After I shared my concerns with the direction team, Liju sir spoke to me and said ‘Ramiya, You will be prominent in the film and you will make an impact.’ After that, I didn’t ask him any questions.” But when she saw the respect and love Liju received, Ramya says, she wondered if it was right to ask him. spoke to me afterwards and said, ‘I know you felt that way, but if you watch the film, you will know what an impact your character has made’. It was true.”

Non-pureIt was, she says, one of those films that felt different on paper, during shooting and on screen. The way Leju shot the film was unusual for Ramya. “There are only two close-up shots in the film and both are for Mammootty sir. He didn’t tell me that at first and I kept thinking about it. And like Ramya, even a veteran doesn’t know that at first. Didn’t realize that’s what the team was going for. “He asked for a close-up in the scene where Sundaram gets emotional while eating and that’s when I realized they didn’t have a close-up for that either. took And the team defined the style,” she says.

I Accidental Farmer & Companytitled Vaibhav Reddy And due to release this week, Ramya once again plays the role of a young rural wife whose life changes when she inherits a piece of land and realizes that it grows marijuana. Is. “It’s a quirky script and completely unlike anything I’ve done so far,” she says, recalling the experience of working with actors Vaibhu, Badwa Gopi, and Vinodhani Vaidyanathan. Hoy says. “While all the characters in the series are innocent, my character becomes the voice of consciousness for them,” she explains.

Ramya in stills of 'Accidental Farmer & Company'.

Ramya in stills of ‘Accidental Farmer & Company’. | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

In many of her films, including the aforementioned film and series, Ramya has had the opportunity to shoot outdoors – something most city-dwelling actors aspire to. “Who wouldn’t just love to see green fields and clear skies?” She tells us that she grew up in the suburbs and her parents hail from Thenkasi and Thirunel Valley. But shooting a film has its challenges for the crew, she reminds. “I Rami Andalam Ravane AndalI had to work hard in the hot sun and suffered from sunburn. But the joy that comes with the end result makes the effort worth it.

The rural setting is not the only recurring aspect of his filmography. Ever since her breakout performance in 2016, Ramya has been under a shadow. Joker: People can’t stop asking him why almost all of his characters look the same. The similarities, of course, stop with the looks and layout. Each of these roles is distinct in terms of narrative and character, and they make different demands on the actor. Ramya says she doesn’t blame him entirely, “because I don’t give five to 10 films every year.” Releases are less and that’s why people are seeing similarities.

Ramya is selective in her script for a reason. She says that even if she gets another village-based role, she will do it if it is unavoidable e.g. Non-pure. “I accept a project if I get a good reason to do it. It can be the story, the director, the actors, or it has to be one of those films that I want to watch again in the future and feel proud of. will

Ramya Pandian

Ramya Pandian | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

But she’s longing for a good commercial break that can break that typecast, not because of critics but because she’s versatile. “It would change everything for me.” He has no qualms about saying that he needs to play it safe until then because one mistake can be very damaging. “I might as well disappear because I don’t have a backup and no one to bring me back into the industry.”

Post it. Senior official duration, Ramya said she prefers quality over quantity.. However, in the entertainment industry, people talk about this pressure to do more ‘to stay relevant’ but Ramya does not let such thoughts affect her. “I am clear about what I am and where I want to go. I still prefer quality over quantity because I have a long-term vision and achieving that means I have to be careful now, ‘ she says.

They are optimistic that the big trade break is just around the corner. “Some exciting projects are coming my way now. Things will change.”

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