Bina Tripathi of ‘Mirzapur’ shot such a video while standing on the terrace, then gave this warning

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Rasika Duggal instagram video, who played the role of Bina Tripathi in ‘Mirzapur’, is going viral. In this video, the actress is showing killer looks giving different poses.

  • Bina Tripathi’s new look
  • Video shot standing on the terrace
  • given one pose
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video of Rasika Duggal: Rasika Duggal became famous overnight by playing the role of Beena Tripathi in ‘Mirzapur’. In this web series, Bina made such intimate scenes that people were blown away. A small video of Bina Tripathi, who is active on social media, has surfaced. In this video, the actress is standing on the terrace and giving different poses.

Rasika Duggal Video shot standing on the terrace

Rasika Duggal has shared this video on social media. In the video, the actress is wearing a gray T-shirt and has open hair. Holding the phone in one hand, the actress turned on the camera and was seen shooting a video on music.

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Followed the trend of reel

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Many reels are trending on social media these days. Bina Tripathi (Rasika Dugal) shot a video on one of these reels. In the video, the actress is moving the face by moving the camera sometimes up or down, sometimes left or right. Rasika looked very happy while shooting this video.

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wrote this caption

Sharing this video, Rasika Dugal wrote in the caption- ‘Warning, this video is more difficult than it seems easy to watch. This is one of those things, when someone else does some work, you will feel how easy it is to do it. Along with this, Rasika Duggal wrote in the caption- ‘I promise you that this was my first take. Along with this, the actress made an eye-catching emoji.

Boldness has been added in many web series

Rasika Dugal has done bold scenes in many web series. Rasika Dugal apart from Mirzapur, ‘Out of Love’ web series is also included. In this too, the actress had crossed all limits. In this web series, Rasika gave tremendous hot scenes not only with Purab Kohli but also with another actor. The discussion of these scenes also went on for several days.

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