‘Selfie’ Movie Review: An engaging script drives this Akshay Kumar starrer thriller.

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A still from 'Selfie'
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A still from ‘Selfie’ Photo credit: Dharma Productions

A fast-paced, fast-paced mass entertainer that doesn’t leave the discerning audience, Selfie Proving once again that there is no star bigger than a cohesive script. A remake of the Malayalam hit Driving license, Author Sachi’s story finds a new life in Bhopal where an ordinary motor vehicle inspector at the Regional Transport Office takes on a superstar when things choose to go wrong.

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When superstar Vijay Kumar (Akshay Kumar) lands in Bhopal to shoot a film, he finds that he urgently needs a new driving license. The motor vehicle inspector in charge of her application, Om Prakash Agarwal (Emraan Hashmi), is her fan, but the misunderstanding caused by the pair of selfish characters leads to a public clash between them.

At first glance, this may seem like a case of nothing, an overreaction. Selfie It provides an interesting insight into human nature. Vijay comes across as arrogant and Om seems petty but neither of them is the villain of the piece. It’s just the well-placed quirks of fate that make things an interesting face-off between David and Goliath. When self-esteem and small-mindedness play against each other, sparks fly. Director Raj Mehta and writer Rishabh Sharma ensure that the essence of the story is not lost in translation while localizing the drama and humor. Rajeev Ravi’s cinematography seamlessly captures the larger-than-life appeal of a star and the generality of a fan, and Ritesh Soni’s cinematography doesn’t let anything hang too much.

Selfie (Hindi)

Director: Raj Mehta

duration: 148 minutes

The cast: Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi, Nusrat Barucha, Diana Penty, Meghna Malik, Abhimanyu Singh, Mahesh Thakur

Abstract: Bollywood superstar Vijay Kumar has to get a new driving license from RTO officer Om Prakash Agarwal, who is a big fan of Vijay. A misunderstanding escalates into a feud that plays out in the media glare. Which is played in front of the whole country.

This reminds me. An action hero It’s not just about an ordinary fan threatening to destroy the likes of a superstar. selfie, Riding on Akshay’s image, the moral dilemmas and internal logic are handled better. The film moves like a car in an H test that Vijay takes to get his license, touching multiple forms of society without crossing any lines. From the expertise of bureaucracy to the media’s willingness to sensationalize trivial matters for ratings when it decides to be on your wrong side. Selfie Shows us the mirror many times. The internal politics of Bollywood and the perils of hero pooja also flow in a well-oiled screenplay that doesn’t breathe in preaching or contemplation. The film deals with the perils of following the Pied Piper, as well as the fragility of Piper’s fame at a time of provocative hashtags.

Akshay channels the superstar’s swing and imbues it with his natural simplicity to make Vijay Kumar totally relatable. As the opening song with a charming Mrunal Thakur says, he creates the right passion for the subject. An inside joke on his punctuality, image of a family man, and ability to handle multiple projects on the ground well at once. For once, he’s challenged with a slightly flawed character and he doesn’t disappoint. In Imran, he has a strong counterpoint. The actor always has to deal with the weaknesses and inferiority complex of the common man and here he once again excels in the role of a father who gets star-struck in the presence of his son.

A talented supporting cast adds to the fun. Meghna Malik is absolutely hot as a local politician eager to use her star power to advance her career. Nusrat Bharucha portrays the excitement of a middle-class wife perfectly. Cast against type, Abhimanyu Singh portrays the frustrations of an aging actor in an entertaining manner.

The portrayal of the media circus gets a bit over the top and repetitive and doesn’t match the tonality of the rest of the film. Also, Akshay’s brief address before the opening credits about the importance of fans is unnecessary and fills us with the feeling that the star is either begging for a hit or insulting the sanity of his followers. .

Selfie is currently playing in theaters.


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