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SEO friendly blog post : 5 great ways to write SEO friendly blog posts

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SEO friendly blog post means that you write the article for your readers but do it for search engine optimization If you are like an SEO Optimization blog post, then a lot of your traffic has come from the search engine.

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SEO Friendly Blog Post I have used some such techniques of SEO in my article, which gives more value to your article on search optimization and your blog post comes immediately on the search engine! Whenever you write a post, try to make your post SEO optimization.

5 great ways to write SEO friendly blog posts

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Today I will tell you such a big method, by using this you can write your blog post SEO friendly and get high rank on search engine-

#1: Know the keywords for your blog posts

Whenever you write any article of your blog, first of all know the target keyword of that article. Do not write articles without knowing the keywords of the post. You should use Google Adwords tool to generate keywords for your post.

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Through the Google Adwords tool, you select the target keyword for your post, optimize your post me. Whenever you choose the keyword of your blog post, keep in mind that you should not choose the popular keyword because the popular keyword is already optimized, so choose the keyword with work traffic.

Work Traffic Keywords MTLB Keyword Views Work should be 3500-4000 monthly searches. In this way, you select some bad low traffic keywords and get likes in the paper and when you start writing the article, you set those keywords somewhere in the article, by doing this you will get big traffic from search optimization and your post will also be SEO. will suit.

What is the keyword or post me What to keep the keyword density You will also get information if you do not know.

#2: Where to place the keyword SEO friendly blog post me

When you have selected your keyword and note it on the paper, we should add it to the best place of your article. The more you keyword in your post than us, the bigger your post will be SEO optimization but I am telling you something big where you have to place your best keyword:

You place your best keyword yaha

title tag

Meta Description (How to Add)

permalink me

Image Optimize ALT Tag Me (see how here)

H2, H3 subheading m

Interlink me (old blog post me)

Keyword Density Me (adding this keyword is 5%-10% larger)

For Isco or better front, it is very important for you to know how to do on-page optimization.

#3: Build backlinks to your posts

When you publish your blog post by writing, then try to make maximum backlink of your blog post, it is possible to create backlink of your blog post by commenting or guest posting. Comment your post on your niche blog and for the sake of you post a guest post by writing a new article on US topic.

And do not forget to add the interlink of your blog post in the blog post containing the guest post.

What are the benefits of guest posting, you should also know that, so that you can use them properly.. Also read how to do guest post according to Google.

Do not forget to share the article on popular social media sites, this will also create a backlink to your blog post. Do not forget to publish your blog post on social bookmarking sites and high ranked article submission sites as well.

There are many other ways to get backlinks. You have to use the legal method only to backlink the blog post. In this way, you have to make your blog post SEO friendly banana as much as possible backlink of the post, but keep one thing in mind, the root of high quality backlink is value!

What is backlink or how to make high quality backlink.


#4: Hi Keyword Research with Google Adwords

You should choose your keyword from keyword adword tool only if you want to invest some money to do keyword research tab you can do “Long Tail Keyword”.

If you are a new blogger then Google Adwords tool will be big for you because it is free me uplabdh for you and it has more keyword search visibility!

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

Google Adwords is also very easy to use. And anyone can use it. If you write a blog post without doing keyword research, but you will not get a big result on search engine optimization, so hi blog post like by searching the keywords. And you choose Google Adwords Tool Hi for Keyword Research.

You can also use the website, if you don’t like Google Keyword Tool.

#5: Optimize your image for search engines

The image of your blog post can get you big traffic from Google, Bing and can also make your blog post a perfect SEO friendly post. For this, you have to optimize the image of your blog post for the search engines.

To optimize the image of your blog post, you have to provide ALT tag description in your image. alt tag description of my blog image I need to add the keyword I searched for.

Image’s AA

The bigger the keyword I have in the hanging tag, the more traffic you will get from the search engine. Image optimization of blog posts also makes your blog post SEO friendly. This is the information on how to create SEO Optimization Image.

Image ko Blog me use karne se phele Image Compress jarur kare taki uska size may go a little less or your site should load fast.

Knowing the complete knowledge of SEO, you will get this, in which I have told about every topic of SEO. Click here for more information about blogger

If you have any tip or trick other than this, which can rank your post by the search engine, then definitely tell me by commenting or how did you find it to know.

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