‘Sharper’ Movie Review: Acting powerhouses get caught up in a blunt drama.

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Julianne Moore and Justice Smith in Still from 'Sharper'
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Julianne Moore and Justice Smith in Steel from ‘Sharper’ | Photo credit: Apple TV+

In a moment of weakness and sheer curiosity, I watched the trailer of fast And ruined the experience for myself. Almost all the cards in this footage are laid out on the table leaving nothing to your imagination, making it hard for anyone to stay interested in the plot for two hours. It really falls into the ‘less you know about it, the better’ category of movies.

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You are warned.

Said from multiple perspectives, fast It is a story of deception and manipulation. Set in New York City, the non-linear narrative style begins with Tom’s (Justice Smith) point of view. Tom, the owner of a bookstore in Lower Manhattan, meets Sandra (Brianna Middleton) who wanders into his store looking for a book. After an awkward back and forth, the couple decide to go on a date and eventually fall for each other with the beautiful New York skyscape adding to the character’s youthful romance.


Director: Benjamin Caron

Cast: Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stein, Justice Smith, Brianna Middleton, John Lithgow

Runtime: 116 minutes

Story: Motives are suspect, and expectations are overturned, as an artist confronts Manhattan’s billionaires.

Things get worse when Sandra’s drug addict brother visits Sandra’s house. After growing alarmist, Tom is informed of the $350,000 his brother owes a drug dealer. Tom, who owns a small bookstore but miraculously keeps money in his account, comes to her rescue. Sandra ran off with the money and was never seen again.

This cone is only the tip of the iceberg.

We then encounter Sandra’s past which is intertwined with Max (Sebastian Stein), who has a hand in Madeleine’s (Julien Moore) actions. It’s a complex web of con artists who have their sights set on the city’s rich, played by Richard Hobbs (John Lithgow).

Every corner of the city has a twist and the rules of the game change with every dead end leaving the audience hungry. A good deed brings a sense of joy and satisfaction when it is resolved, while making you feel cheated. however, fast You feel disappointed in the low-brow twists and regret being stuck in the rigmarole for competent actors.

Briana Middleton is quick to change looks and pulls her weight alongside veteran actors like Julianne Moore and John Lithgow. Sebastian Stan is known for his role as Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Always so persuasive as the strategic yet temperamental Max.

Director Benjamin Caron is known for directing notable TV shows such as the crown, Sherlock And Star Wars: Indore, Who makes the drama a glossy affair? While it’s mostly the writing that holds the film back, the director highlights the flaws with golden-tinted glasses.

In an era where the rich make prized goals and cheat boogie has become a political statement and a lot of fun as seen in it. Menu, White Lotus And Knife out Franchise, it’s easy to get lost in the noise; This is exactly what happens to him fast.

The film opens with a title card that reads “He who lives by his wits”… We can only wish that the writers stick to what they intend to preach. are

Sharper will be released in select theaters on February 10, and will stream on Apple TV+ after February 17.

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