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The world is changing and so are the benchmarks set in every field. Every new day is a challenge to prove our mettle in our specific areas and if we fall behind, we stand nowhere. In such a world full of rat race, everyone is engaged in competing with each other. The cosmetic industry is no exception. The increase in demand has fueled the use of many harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of beauty and hair products. Meanwhile, there are some entrepreneurs who completely believe in serving purity under the guise of natural and organic products. One of the most well-known brands on the list of those blooming enterprises is ‘Shoples’, the essential organic lane for beauty and hair care.

Mr. Mool and Mrs. Madhu Meena have been a passionate admirer of nature ever since they learned about the potential of natural ingredients. With an aim to serve pure and spread awareness about the efficacy of natural ingredients, MR. Mool and Mrs. Madhu Meena have put down the roots of Sheopalus with hard work and determination.

Mr. Mool and Mrs. Madhu Meena say, “We remember the teenage years when they had fine hair, facing the loss of it every other day. They had to make a tough choice, focusing on which products they should or shouldn’t use, prioritizing hair problems, but nothing worked. The only way left (and what he heeded) was the old but effective advice, the famous home remedy brought to us by our father, we have named Sheopal after the father. It contained ingredients easily available in the kitchen but would amaze me with its results with every use. It was about time they became curious about the power of natural ingredients essential to beauty.

Speaking about the production process, MR. Mool and Mrs. Madhu Meena say, they take pride in making the products as they use only organically produced raw materials. “The products are completely organic, vegan, cruelty free and lovingly handcrafted. There is zero use of any harmful chemicals during production. Every material used in the manufacture of the product is either purchased from local farmers or taken from the farm which is credited to Schyopalas. Each product manufactured is under the supervision of experts who carefully check the quality of the product. This entire process makes Shoples a unique brand that cares deeply about the customers who believe in it.”

Sheopalus is a way of reviving the beauty of the Indian tradition created by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. He has clearly displayed this ideology in many forms.

Sheopalus carries a wide range of skin and hair care products. Sheopalus Original Hair Grow is the best seller of the brand, Sheopalus Pain Oil is really no less than any other brand (a term spoken by its customers) and Hair Regrowth Kit which is the Trade Mark of Sheopalus are some of the signature products Who carries his flagship. The shampoos and face washes made from the ingredients are another attraction attracting the attention of their customers across the globe.


Mr. Mool and Mrs. Madhu Meena have decisively chosen their part to contribute to the development of the nation. Along with this, it preserves the essence for which India is known for its rich tradition. Tradition that has spoken much about beauty, revered nature as its mother, wrote extensively about science and proved its ability to have a rich and ornate culture.

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