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Side effects of supplements Protein | What is Health Supplement?

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know what are the side effects of supplements Protein is essential for the body to build muscle. But do you know that the protein powder you are consuming considering it to be healthy can also harm your health.

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Side effects of supplements Protein: Be it a college going student or an adult, it is everyone’s dream to have a body like the Dabangg Salman Khan of Bollywood. Salman Khan rules the hearts of millions of people because of his acting and personality. His followers are also engaged in many efforts to become and look like him. One such attempt is to get a body like Salman Khan. For which fitness freak youth also add things like various supplements and steroids to their diet. Those who work to make muscles.

Protein is essential for the body to build muscle. But do you know that the protein powder you are consuming considering it to be healthy can also harm your health. Salman Khan has also advised fans not to consume steroids in many of his interviews. Actually, the consumption of such things to make a quick body has a bad effect on the liver and kidney. If you are also a fitness freak and were thinking of taking any supplement to build a body like Salman Khan, then definitely read this news before doing so.

What is Health Supplement?

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Health supplement means medicines, injections or powders to meet the deficiency of vitamins and proteins in the body. Gym people who are in the process of building a fast body, they consume these things in large quantities so that their body gets in shape quickly. But if a person does not take natural protein or if its quantity is taken in excess, a person can have many problems.

How much protein does the body actually need?

If the kidney of a person weighing 60 kg is completely healthy, then he should take only 60 grams of protein in a day. Which he can get from pulses, fish, chicken, mutton and vegetables. But it is often seen that young people eat up to 300-400 grams of protein in a single day in order to make a quick body. Which has a bad effect on the kidney. The body is unable to digest this amount of protein. Due to which the kidney has to suffer. Apart from this, many protein shakes or health supplements available in the market contain many types of adulteration which works to damage the kidney immediately.

There are four types of body supplements-

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Weight Gainer Supplements-
Weight gainer supplements are weight gain supplements. Which are available in the market in powder form. They have very high protein levels. This is the reason why they should not be used without consulting an expert. The protein that goes into our body from the diet works slowly, whereas the artificial protein that goes into the body from these protein supplements shows its effect immediately. Our body cannot tolerate this much protein and causes digestive problems.

Protein shakes-
Protein shakes are also available in powder form. It is taken by mixing it with juice or milk. They are also used only for weight gain. Dieticians believe that taking protein powder can also cause an imbalance of nutrition in the body. Consuming foods with natural protein sources such as eggs, milk, mutton, etc. are less likely to happen.

anabolic steroids-
Anabolic steroids are taken in the form of injections and capsules. The sooner the effects of anabolic steroids become visible, the sooner are the side effects. Its continuous use has an adverse effect on male male hormones and fertility.

Weight Loss Supplements-
Chromium is used in weight-loss drugs, which are given to diabetics. These drugs start burning fat within eight to ten minutes. But due to this, there is a lack of water in the body, due to lack of water in the body, dehydration occurs, which can also lead to death.

Side effects of supplements ProteinĀ 

Although protein works to recover the damaged part of our body, but taking regular high protein diet does not benefit the body but also causes some harm.

Bone disorder is a disease related to bones. In the year 2013, a study led by Lonice Delimaris suggests that excessive consumption of high protein diet can prove to be dangerous for our bones.

– High protein diet causes the problem of acid ‘loss of calcium’ generated in the body.
Protein powders of some companies contain large amounts of toxic metals. which are harmful to the body. Taking these can cause headache, fatigue, constipation and muscle pain.

Studies have shown that taking protein supplements can increase the problem of acne. This is because such protein powders contain a variety of hormones and bioactive peptides. Which increase sebum production.

Many powders contain some toxic substances, due to which there are problems like headache, tension, constipation and muscle pain. Instead of taking powder for protein, the emphasis should be on its food sources.

Protein from animals increases the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD), that is, it can cause problems with cardiovascular disease.
-to exercise

After taking protein powder, there is an increase in insulin. If protein powder is taken regularly, then insulin also increases regularly.
Due to high protein diet, the risk of kidney stone increases in people. According to a report by Harvard University, uric acid levels in the body and consumption of animal protein increase the problem of kidney stones.

(Note: This article is for your information only. For more information, you can consult your doctor or dietician.)

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