Sony may kill this PS5 feature, claims report

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Sony could discontinue the Accolades System in the PS5 in near future, claims a report by SiliconEra, based upon the announcement made on PlayStation Japan’s support site. The report does not give a clear date but says the function could be shut down sometime during Fall 2022.

What is the Accolades system and why Sony may shut it?

The reason Sony may be thinking of removing the feature altogether could be that it is being used very sparingly by PS5 players. The Accolades function is unique to PS5 and can be sent to players you liked teaming up in multiplayer with. There are three accolades that can be sent among teammates: Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport.

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“You will no longer be able to send accolades, and it is likely that you will lose all of the accolades you accumulated. Sony did not elaborate on why it thought PS5 users were not using accolades, but not all PS5 games with multiplayer functionality support the feature or surface it regularly”, says the report.

Sony recently launched a beta update for PS5 testers, something which only the selected testers will be allowed to access. The most notable among these is a new video resolution option which will currently allow beta testers to set the console display at 1440p. However, Sony has not officially confirmed the date when these features get a wider rollout.

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The latest video resolution option of 1440p is said to be the “middle-ground” between true 1080p HD and true 2160p 4K UHD. This intermediate video setting could prove very useful for gamers who own TVs and monitors that support 1440p resolution. If gamers lower the video resolution to 1440p in a PS5 game that supports 4K resolution, it may help improve the anti-aliasing graphics without the need to go down to the much lower 1080p setting, says a report by Android Authority.

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