Sutradhar’s Adhikar, a combination of two solo acts heralds International Women’s Day in Hyderabad

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Mulla Deb as Dushala
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Mulla Deb as Dushala | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

These women on stage are strong, sensitive and fighting for their place. Hyderabad-based theater group, Satradhar celebrated International Women’s Day optionA collection of two plays in Bengali and Hindi titled Dhuli Kanya Dushala And Weekend respectively, on March 8. Directed by Vinay Verma, the drama tells the story of two powerful women. The Yogas In search of identity

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Dushala The Mahabharata tells the story of the 101st child of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari of the Kaurava clan and Weekend It is about a woman caught between love and memories.

Vinay Verma

Vinay Verma | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

Dhuli Kanya Dhashala was originally written. Tho mat And Dushala Translated into Tamil and English by Pritham K Chakraborty and into Bengali by Rita Ghosh. “Little is known about Dushala in the scriptures. Pritam came up with the character after a lot of research,” says Vinay, “Dushala was a shadow to the mother. She had always neglected herself because her Mother was trying to raise 100 sons.

Vinay says that Dushala was a script that was requested to be staged and Kainat conspired to send Bengali actor Mulla Deb for the performance. Keeping with the original references, Mulla Deb portrays different aspects of Dushala in the 60-minute performance as a daughter, wife, mother and finally as a woman fighting for a place in a patriarchal society.

From a trilogy

Milla Deb

Mulla Deb | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

Adapted from Nirmal Verma’s famous trilogy. Kishore Ekant, Second play, Weekend Ritika Sant Keswani’s performance in Hindi was something that Vinay had wanted to do for years but didn’t have the courage. “I realized that I had no grasp of the subject and its important language. I wanted to capture its essence and find a suitable actor who also had a command of diction.

A scene from the drama 'Weekend'

A scene from the drama ‘Weekend’ Photo credit: Special Arrangements

The play allowed the director to explore the structure of the narrative in order to keep it in place (the script divides the stage into two parts—his room and the park where the protagonists play a man and his daughter). Sees done). “Originally, she reminisces through a tape recorder, but we used a diary to keep it contemporary and also clearly emphasize the importance of writing in today’s digital world.”

Vinay says that both the plays helped him connect with his roots. “The interesting part was incorporating folk elements for Odissi, Bharatanatyam and Mudra. Dushala. This is the beauty of theatre; It constantly teaches you and pushes your limits with every script and show.

Vinay hopes the plays will connect with the audience. “Beyond beautiful sets, good-looking actors and costumes, what ultimately matters is a performance that will hold the audience spellbound.”

Adhikar has two solo acts staged at Lamakan on March 4. Tickets: Rs 250;

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