‘The Consultant’ Series Review: Christoph Waltz is downright terrifying in this rugged workplace thriller.

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Christoph Waltz in 'The Consultant' photo
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Christoph Waltz in a still from ‘The Consultant’ Photo credit: Amazon Prime Video

Consultants Strengths are also its weaknesses. Billed as a workplace comic-horror thriller, the series (which pretty much describes our work lives) is led by the most terrifying. Christoph Waltz.

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He heals you with his eerie charms and you are like the proverbial worm that flutters helplessly against this seductive ray of light until you realize you have missed that cold calculating beam. Seen it before and it’s probably better to fly than go through all the trouble. Sing your wings and whatnot.

Shocking twists and turns are sprinkled throughout the show, starting with the first episode where the possible origin of Waltz’s character Regis Petoff is revealed. There’s a grotesque nightclub sequence, a beautiful Russian amputee, a conversation on Catholicism and aggression, a jeweler with a troubled conscience, and an elephant on the loose in Los Angeles.

Consultant (English)

the creator: Tony Basgelp

The cast: Christoph Waltz, Nat Wolff, Brittany O’Grady, Amy Carreiro, Jack Manley, Gloria John, Michael Charles Vaccaro, Emily Berry

Episodes: 8

Run time: 30-36 minutes

The story line: A tech mogul dies suddenly and a consultant comes in to clean house.

Based on the 2015 novel by Bentley Little, Consultant Tells about a mobile gaming company, CompWare, that finds itself left behind by the sudden death of its 20-year-old CEO, Song (Brian Yoon). A man in basic clothing, Petov comes into the office saying that he is a consultant hired by Song to get Compware back on its feet.

Elaine (Brittany O’Grady), Song’s assistant, and Craig (Nat Wolff), a handy coder who dreams of becoming a game creator, immediately become suspicious. The deeper they dig into Patoff, the muddier things get. Patoff pits employees against each other and makes impossible demands, not even knowing what the company creates.

Hope that Sang’s mother (Gloria John), flying in from Korea, will rein in Petov when it is discovered that Petov is the only one who can communicate with him, being the only Korean speaker in the room. — Mama sings. No English After Petoff offers to take her to his hotel, she also mysteriously disappears.

Petoff seems to have no idea of ​​boundaries, meddling in Craig’s relationship troubles with his fiancee, Patty (Amy Carreiro), and commenting on Eileen’s ex-boyfriend, the ultra-suitable Patrice ( Jack Manley).

He is particularly cruel to Ian (Michael Charles Vaccaro), whom he almost fires for his scent, and Dana (Emily Berry), whom he sends across town at various times to make her his home. Provide all kinds of food including shortbread.

The entire staff at CompWare changes with Patoff’s entry. Elaine gets her ruthless streak, Craig pursues his dream of becoming a creator at great cost, while the others compete with each other to stay in Patov’s good graces, no matter what he does to them. ask

Consultant It’s a moral play set in a deliberately distant time period where old-fashioned keys, paper and typewriters jostle for space in the futuristic, open-plan offices of the mobile gaming industry. That the many moving parts and outrageous revelations don’t come together to deliver a coherent almighty wallop will leave you feeling a little cheated.

While the ride is fun, with gorgeous visuals (The Office is to die for) and a delightfully terrifying waltz holding your hand, you can comfortably enjoy eight half-hour episodes.

The Consultant is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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