The Royal Chef–Mohammad Danish

Born and raised in Lucknow, Chef Danish hails from a background that has been cooking for royal families of the city. During his childhood Chef Danish used to help his parents in the kitchen while they used to meal prep for royal events and marriages.

As he grew older chef wanted to continue his family’s legacy, so he pursued a diploma in management and culinary. On passing out of college he began working with peshwari,the legendary restaurant of the ITC group of hotels.

The Royal Chef–Mohammad Danish
The Royal Chef–Mohammad Danish

There he honed his skills and fell in love with the intricacies of Indian cuisine.One day while performing his daily duties he started pondering over the thought of the inception of the recipes that were being used in the restaurant.

On this he started his research and development about lost recipes and techniques that are used in Indian cuisine and how can they be implement in the modern day. “As a chef it is important to know where a recipe comes from, what’s its soul and why do we use the ingredients to build that particular recipe”. Says chef Danish.

This hunger for lost recipes and techniques made him travel to different parts of the country where he worked with great chefs and pioneers of Indian cuisine while working for different restaurant and hotel, chef Danish implemented his old family recipe and hosted various royal feasts and weddings in which he headed exclusive dinners in the basis of sajankot, ponton royal Rajasthani theme and gadi moda.

After asking chef Danish weather he has ended his research on lost recipes he replied “Indian cuisine is so vast that no one in their single life can eat, explore or even research about every dish. Everyday there are new outcome to every Indian ingredient”.

He also feels that soon the Indian cuisine and culture will take over the World of food.Currently working and training the staff about his royal legacy and lost Indian food, Chef Danish hopes that is research about old techniques and recipes comes in handy and is passed on among the Indian community of chefs all over the world.

As his recipes are the foundation of what is yet to come for Indian cuisine.The possibilities are endless।