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The student was getting ready for school when she suddenly gave birth to a baby, leaving the family stunned.

A UK-based TikToker has revealed to give birth to a son at the age of 15. Tiktoker told that she had no idea that she was pregnant. Her periods were normal and neither did her baby bump come out. Just before going to school, she suddenly gave birth to her son in the living room of the house.

A video of a 19-year-old girl from the United Kingdom is circulating on the internet in which she has revealed that she gave birth at the age of 15. She said she had no idea she was pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in their living room.

Britain’s Alexis Quinn is now 19 years old. In a TikTok video, Elxis told People that she was completely unaware that she was pregnant because her periods were normal and the pregnancy tests were negative. Also, her stomach did not come out during the entire pregnancy.

She said, “One morning I suddenly had a severe stomach ache and when I told this to my parents, they thought I was making excuses for not going to school. I was standing by the door and as soon as I took the step, I started to feel pain. My condition started to deteriorate. My mother was shocked to see a baby’s head coming out of me.

Before delivery, I often had heartburn and would take the day off school, says Alexis. My mother said that when she was about to give birth to me, she also had heartburn.

Alexis said in her Tik Tok video, “I had no symptoms of pregnancy and my period was normal. Even the pregnancy test was negative. So I was going to school and was fine. But one night before going to sleep I suddenly felt a lot of pain so I took pain medicine. But I was in constant pain and I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I told my parents at six in the morning that I was sick and had to take the day off from school.

A child born before going to school

Recalling the moments of her delivery, Alexis said, “I was wearing my school uniform and all ready to go to school but suddenly I ran to the toilet. After that I called my mother and told her that I might be giving birth. My mother shouted at me and asked me to come down. After that, when he came to me and checked, he saw the baby’s head. After that my father ran out to take a pregnancy test.

When I experienced unbearable pain.

During this sudden delivery I was in a lot of pain which was unbearable. I was on the floor of my room in pain. My parents were very panicked but my aunt understood the situation and immediately called an ambulance. My aunt also saw the baby’s head after which she called my mother why you didn’t trust her.

The child was born without a doctor or medical facility.

Due to this sudden delivery, Alexis gave birth to her child without any medical facilities. “The hospital operator on the phone told my aunt that you have to deliver. I was screaming so badly. When my father came back, he held my hand. I kept trying and when the medics arrived,” she said. When the team arrived at the gate of my house, I gave birth to a little boy. I felt many different emotions at the same time.

What is a secret pregnancy?

You must have heard many times that a woman suddenly gave birth and did not even know that she was pregnant. This type of condition is known as latent and stealth pregnancy. Concealed pregnancy is a condition in which a woman does not know she is pregnant until the last weeks of pregnancy or sometimes until birth. It does not show any symptoms like a normal pregnancy. Neither the periods stop nor the baby bump. Sometimes, if fatigue or vomiting occurs, people mistake it for a normal stomach problem. That is why it is called a secret pregnancy and it is as secret as its name.

These reasons can lead to an occult pregnancy.

It usually occurs in women who have hormonal imbalance. Also, if a woman has recently become pregnant, her hormonal cycle may take time to settle. In such a situation, if she gets pregnant again, the chances of her having a secret pregnancy increases. If a woman is lactating, she may start ovulating again, which can result in a latent pregnancy. Apart from this, suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), stress, drinking alcohol or smoking, birth control methods, hormonal imbalance can also cause occult pregnancy.

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