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Trump on FBI: Former President Trump accuses FBI, America largest investigative agency, saying- ‘stole my 3 passports’

Donald Trump: Former US President Donald Trump made these serious allegations on the FBI on Monday. He called it the use of the FBI as a weapon on behalf of rival political parties. He also appealed to the FBI to return the box that the team had taken.

Donald Trump Alligation on FBI: Former US President Donald Trump has made serious allegations against the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI). Trump has alleged that the FBI stole his passport during the last raid. Trump’s allegations come a day after he requested the Justice Department to return documents covered under the attorney-client privilege. Let us tell you that on August 8, the FBI raided the house of Donald Trump.

The country has not seen such political change before

Donald Trump accuses the FBI of theft, tweeting, “Great! In the Mar-a-Lago raid, the FBI stole three of my passports (one expired).” He further wrote, “This is an attack on a political opponent like never before in our country till date.” Trump, however, did not specify which of his passports were stolen by the FBI. Regular citizens in the United States are issued a blue passport while a red ‘diplomatic’ passport is issued for official government travel.

dent in the vault

After the raid, Trump issued a public statement saying that his safe was also broken into by FBI officers. He also said that this raid on his house by the FBI was like using the justice system as a weapon. This is an attack on me by my rival political parties who do not want me to contest for the presidency in 2024.

return boxes and documents

However, on Sunday Trump claimed that the Justice Department took the boxes covered under attorney-client or executive privilege. He requested them to return the documents contained in them. Trump said the boxes and other documents labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, A-33 contained information that was protected under attorney-client privilege.

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