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US Defense Ministry Pentagon top Officer Statement – India increasing defense systems

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US Defense Ministry Pentagon top Officer Statement –WASHINGTON: India is planning to deploy the S-400 missile system by June 2022 to defend the country in the face of threats from Pakistan and China, a top official of the US Defense Ministry Pentagon has said.

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Lieutenant General Scott Barrier, director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, gave this information to members of the MP’s Armed Services Committee during a congressional hearing. He said that India has started getting S-400 missile system from Russia since December last year.

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By October 2021, India’s military was looking at procuring advanced surveillance systems to protect its land and sea borders and to enhance cyber capabilities. Barrier said, “India received the initial shipment of the Russian S-400 missile system in December and India is planning to operate the system by June 2022 in view of threats from Pakistan and China.” Manufacturing hypersonic, ballistic, cruise missiles as well as developing air defense missile capabilities, conducting multiple tests since 2021. The number of satellites of India in space is increasing and it is increasing its influence in space.

India will answer for carrying out any major terrorist incident

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Barrier said India is taking steps to consolidate the command, which will improve the combined capability of its three armed forces. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prioritized strengthening the country’s economy from 2019 by expanding India’s domestic defense industry and adopting a policy of reducing defense purchases from foreign companies. Barrier said, “India has a long-standing defense relationship with Russia. India has also taken a neutral stand on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and continues to call for peace.”

“India lays emphasis on strengthening cyber security, intelligence and operational cooperation, safeguarding critical information infrastructure, etc.,” he said. Barrier said India remained committed to the 2003 ceasefire agreement, but was protected from terrorist threats. Committed to dealing with it and has launched an anti-terrorist operation in Kashmir. He said that there would be occasional minor skirmishes between the soldiers of India and Pakistan, but in the event of any major terrorist incident in India by Pakistani terrorists, India can take major military action. He said that relations between India and China have remained tense since the violent clash between soldiers of the two countries along the Line of Actual Control in 2020.

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