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US President Joe Biden told Putin the butcher, Lviv city stunned by rocket attacks, 10 big things

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Russia Ukraine War: It has been almost a month since the war broke out between Ukraine and Russia. But the conflict between the two countries does not seem to be over. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden fiercely criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin in Warsaw, Poland. According to the CNN report, when Biden was asked what he felt after seeing Ukrainian refugees, Biden replied that Putin is a butcher.

10 latest updates related to war

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  1. It has been almost a month since the war broke out between Ukraine and Russia. But the conflict between the two countries does not seem to be over. At least 5 people were inju  red in a rocket attack in Lviv, Ukraine today. The officials urged people to take shelter at some place. At the same time, US President Joe Biden, during a speech in Poland, warned of a long run of this fight.
  2. US President Joe Biden said that the US has already said that it will give asylum to 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. At the same time, Biden said that Ukraine will continue to get all possible help from our side. He said that the help given from our side is not reaching because the Russian army stops it in the middle.
  3. Ukraine’s Chernihiv city, a victim of Russian siege, has turned into a pile of rubble and day residents are craving water to drink and risk coming out amid bombings and shells in search of a little food. Huh. Like Mariupol, Russian troops have laid siege to Chernihiv. Here the dead bodies are seen lying on the road and here also people are seeing the destruction.
  4. The US has promised to provide an additional $100 million in civil defense aid to Ukraine. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the aid would be provided to Ukraine to maintain border security, civil law enforcement functions and protect critical government infrastructure.
  5. America’s President Joe Biden addressed the world from Poland. He said, ‘Don’t be afraid.’ Biden said, ‘We are fighting a great fight for freedom. This fight is taking place between democracy and autocracy, between freedom and oppression. We need to have a clear vision in this battle. We need to strengthen ourselves for the long battle ahead.
  6. The Russian military says the first phase of its military operation in Ukraine has ended and its troops will now focus on a complete “liberation” of the eastern Donbass region. Ukraine’s prosecutor general said 136 children have been killed in Ukraine since Russia began its military operation. According to The Independent’s report, Russian troops killed Colonel Yuri Medvedev on his own after inflicting heavy losses on their unit in Ukraine.
  7. The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol said on Saturday that he had spoken to the French ambassador about options for evacuating civilians. French President Emmanuel Macron said he would propose a plan to help Russia leave the people.
  8. The mayor of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv canceled the curfew announced a few hours ago. However, he did not give any clear reason for canceling the curfew. The city’s mayor said that the situation in Mariupol, a city surrounded by Russian forces, remains very serious.
  9. Ukraine’s President Zelensky on Saturday demanded arms from Western nations, asking if they were afraid of Moscow. Zelensky said that many countries have promised to send anti-armor and anti-aircraft missiles as well as small arms, but Kyiv needs tanks, aircraft and anti-ship systems.
  10. According to the Telegraph newspaper, British Foreign Minister Liz Truss says that the sanctions imposed on Russian individuals and companies can be lifted if Russia withdraws. Britain and other Western nations are using economic sanctions to undermine the Russian economy, so that Putin stops the conflict.
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