Veena C. Seshadri on ‘Janami Janaki’: ‘Celebrating Sita’s Wisdom and Courage’

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In stills from Veena C Seshadri Productions
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In Stills of Veena C Seshadri Productions | Photo credit: Special Arrangements

Veena C. Seshadri, a famous Bharatanatyam dancer, was watching a theater performance rooted in dance and music. That’s when he decided to come with her. Janami Janaki: OhRelentless Saga, A solo production that celebrates Sita and women. taken from Valmiki RamayanaThe Sanskrit production is directed by film and theater actor-director K Sachandra Prasad.

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“The production focuses on Sita. She is the epitome of courage, strength, endurance and patience. Her life was not easy. She had struggles as a wife, mother and daughter, which women today can identify with. Janami Janki Celebrates Sita and her wisdom and compassion. It depicts him as a fighter, counselor, healer and nurturer.

Says Veena, “Sita teaches us to carry out our duties as a wife and mother patiently, yet she fights and stands against injustice. You don’t have to be a warrior to fight. You just need to follow your path.”

Veena thinks we are selfish now. “We fight for our identity. There is a lot of ‘me’ in what we do. Sita is compared to the earth – she endures all seasons and endures life, but when If it is against injustice, it can become a volcano.”

Veena does not like to call her productions drama, dance or music. “I would say it’s a performance-based presentation because I don’t believe in defining the arts or limiting them to dance, music or theatre. I see it as a combination. It’s like Nati Shastra, which includes all the performing arts.”

About Prasad being a part of this production, Veena says that the two had collaborated on other projects. Veena has also been part of a Sanskrit feature film. EkchankaramDirected by Prasad. “It was then that I approached him to direct this production as I have directed most of my works and I wanted a new perspective for Sita”.

Janami Janki Veena says that there is a symbol of our role in life too. “Each of us plays a different role every day. That’s what performance is judged on.”

Janami Janaki, with music by Deepak Paramashivan, will be performed at Siva Sadan, Malleswaram on March 8, at 6.30 pm. It is open to all.

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