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What is backlink? What is backlinks in seo

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You must have known about What is backlink, What is backlink in SEO, if you want to bring your blog to the first page in the search results, then it is very important to do SEO of your blog.

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SEO is done with two main methods –

on page seo

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off page seo

On page SEO me ve sabhi chijen aati hai joki aap apni blog post likhte waqt apply karte hai, On page SEO acchi prakar se karne ke liye aapko ek SEOoptimized article/post likhni hoti hai.

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Off page SEO me ve sabhi chijen aati hai joki aap apne blog ke bahr apply karte hai. The most important of these are link building and social media presence. Social Media Presence You have to promote your blog on social media and in link building you have to create backlinks for your blog. The more backlinks your site/blog has, the higher rank I get in your site search results.

Now with more fear, I am telling you in the bare of backlinks. Then let’s know what are backlinks and why it is important for your blog/website.

What is backlink? What is Backlinks in  SEO

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What is backlink?

What is backlink or what is its importance

If you understand in simple words what is a backlink, then backlinks are those links which go from one website to another website. For example, if I add a link to your site in one of my posts or on my blog, then it gets a backlink to your site.

What are the benefits of backlinks to SEO for me?

Backlinks are a big decision for your blog. The more backlinks your site has, the more value Google gives to your site in search results. But Google gives value to your blog only when the backlinks of your blog will be from quality (good) sites.

There are many other benefits of backlinks such as search engine starts indexing your site quickly, your site has got referral traffic, your site authority increases.

What is Quality Backlink?

Quality backlinks are what you get from quality sites. As Hindihelp is a quality site and if you get backlink from Hindihelp then Google gives more value to your site and provides your blog with higher ranking in search results.

To become quality backlinks, you also have to take care of relevance, if you blog is related to technology, then you have to get backlinks from other technology related blogs in matlab, like this if you do backlinks from a food blog like this Doesn’t give much value to backlinks.

The information is given on how to create quality backlinks,

The higher the quality, the worse the bad backlink is for the site, or what is a bad backlink, their information is here.

How wide are backlinks?

Backlinks are of two types-

  • dofollow backlink
  • nofollow backlink

no follow or do follow what is backlink me

DoFollow Backlink :

Do-follow backlinks help in passing link juice, that is, such links help a lot in increasing the ranking of your blog.

Example of a dofollow link:

“<a href=””>Google</a>”

“<a href=”” rel=”do-follow”>Google</a>”

By default all links are two-follow, but you can add the link me no-follow attribute if you want the link juice to pass through the links you’re providing to other sites.

NoFollow Backlink :

These are backlinks that do not allow the passing of links, their search engines value me less than do-follow links. No-follow links do not play a role in search engine ranking. Example of a no-follow backlink:

“<a href=”” rel=”no-follow”>Google</a>”

If ever you get a chance to add a link to such a site on your site, on which there is something wrong, then you can not-follow.

how to make backlinks in hindi How to create backlinks for your site?

Now you must have understood the importance of backlinks, so now this question must have come in your man that how to start creating backlinks. You can use these simple dates to get backlinks to your site:

By making 20+ quality backlinks in Hindi, with the help of which we can rank our website.

#1 Quality Content Like:

If you want to create more and more backlinks for your blog, then for this you have to write quality content on your blog. The post should be in simple language, to the point and in detail. That is, you must have written such articles as your readers can understand from the posture and do that article for their MD.

Other bloggers can add links to your articles to help their readers with high quality content such as Post Me. This is a great article.

#2 Commenting on other blogs Shuru Karen:

This is the free and easiest way to get backlinks, all you have to do is regularly start commenting on other blogs in your niche. Commenting on blogs on which CommentLuv is enabled gives a follow backlink to your blog, which is very high for your blog. But the blogs on which you do not get follow backlink by commenting are also helpful for your blog. Slight no-follow search results

They don’t talk, but it is better to have something than not to be there.

While commenting, keep in mind that you add spam comments, this will not approve your comment, comment us, try to add value to me. yani ki aise comments ko avoiding karen- “Great post!” “Awesome post! Keep it up” etc. Such comments are spam comments, so avoid Karen. Read the post then give your opinion on us.. such comments are good or you will also learn something new from it .

Knowing how to comment well, you will get it here.. Keep all that in mind while commenting.

#3 Guest blogging starts Karen:

Guest blogging is very effective in increasing quality backlinks. In this you have to submit your guest post on some popular blogs in your niche (topic) as well as add a link to your blog. But remember, for guest blogging, choose only popular blogs in your niche and write a great high quality content guest post and submit it.

If your blog is on internet related topic then you can guest post on hmm also.

#4 Submit your blog to web directories:

Submitting your blog to web directories is a great way to create backlinks, for this submit your blog to various web directories, but remember that you submit your blog to quality web directories.

Things to keep in mind when building backlinks:

Backlinks can be very helpful for your site but if you create backlinks using wrong dates then it can be very harmful for your site. So keep the following things in mind while sharing backlinks for your site:

Try to get backlinks for your site only from quality sites.

Paid backlinks and Kharideen from five etc sites anytime.

To avoid propagating backlinks from low quality sites such as porn sites or spammy sites.

Backlinks is more about quality than quantity.

Avoid getting backlinks from blogs other than your niche.

Having too many backlinks at once may cause Google to suspect it and penalize your site.

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