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what is on page seo and off page seo: The Way to Bring Website Page Top on to Search results

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what is on page seo and off page seo :  On-page optimization is a part of SEO, SEO means Search Engine Optimization, that is, to optimize your website or blog for better search engine result page. Yah optimization happens with 2 strings as well.

  • One on-page Seo and the other off-page SEO.
  • Is post me ham bat will do on-page Seo optimization.
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When it comes to on-page SEO, you must have read by now what is on-page? But this article is practically on how to use On-Page Perfect Optimization for SEO.

On-Page SEO: The time of creation of content or article whatever we apply in our content or article like title, heading, permalink, media, design etc. Doing this correctly is called on-page search engine optimization.

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What is On-Page SEO? It is bad to know how to do it for better SERP (Search Engine Page Result).

Without understanding on-page SEO practically you cannot apply it to your blog content, and you may not get better SERP if you do not do on-page SEO of your posts well.

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page content [show]

#1 SEO Friendly Permalink

Always make permalinks short and keywords together. Ignore baker urls like:

Also don’t make the URL too long like so:

But why so?

This is because Google Hamsa gives more importance to the first 3-5 words of the post’s permalink. Whose MTLB is that we want to keep the target keyword in our URL.

Permalink urlScreen shot on page that shows how short URLs make Google search engine results attractive to me, and Google displays them in bold if they contain keywords, which is more eye caching that’s used on our blog CTR’s also increases.

CTR: Click through rate, 10 results are shown on the first page of google, let’s say 100 users on the first page of google, your site shows attractive, then out of them let’s say 20 users have opened your site Hello. Out of the 80 users who open the remaining 9 blogs or websites, Tab APK will have a CTR of 20%.

As much as you keep only the main keyword in your permalink URL and keep the URL short, it will look different and shorter.

Also Read.. how to find website not rank in google

#2 Keyword at the beginning of the title

The title lets me place the target keywords you want your posts to rank with, and it’s also great for why Google’s most important on-page SEO factor is why.


Along with this, you should also pay attention to the fact that put your main keyword at the beginning of the title.

Customize Page Title

You might not find the title of some posts starting directly with your target keyword or making sense, so try not to put your target keyword at the end of the title.

#3 Amazing Multimedia

Only text content is not banana, we should try our best to keep content including videos and images.

Videos and Images The user coming to your blog will stay for some more time. The page will increase but thereby reduce the bounce rate and time.

Bounce Rate: When the user closes the blog without going to another page on the blog size.

Time on page: How long a visitor has been on your site.

The question is, is multimedia good for SEO, right?

You will add attractive videos and images in your content, this will reduce the bounce rate of your blog i.e. user will get closer to your site, it will reduce the chances which is good for Google SEO and also increase the time on page, which will increase. Google is good for SEO even if users stay on your site for a long time.

Overall Google User Behavior also looks at how long users stay on your site and how many users are close to your site without further reading.

If a visitor searches on apk content and page from google, loading your returned content from our site, it will have negative impact for your search engine ranking, we will try our best to keep visitors to your site Should do

#4 Hello in the first 100 words of the keyword

Your article or content should be 100-150 words from the start of the target keyword. That is, the first paragraph of your content should be your keyword.

on page seo keyword feely paragraph me

Did you see the screen shot, we have targeted SEO, Optimization, On-page, Search Engine, in which the initial 100-150 words ‘Hi’ are used in the content.

By using the Hi keyword in the first 100 words, Google understands what your page is about.

#5 Work up the loading speed

Google also records the loading speed of your blog. That is, the speed of opening your blog should be fast.

To make it work, you can compress high definition images on your blog, and if you have placed your blog on self host then take fast speed hosting. If you use Google Blogger (Blogspot) then you don’t need to bare the power of hosting because the APK site in blogger platform is hosted on Google’s servers.

keep your efforts

The cooked spot should open in at least 4 seconds. And if users come to India on your blog, then you should work on the speed of your site.should do.

Research has shown that 75% of users will never visit your site again if it takes more than 4 seconds to open your site.


Use GTMetrix.Com to check your site’s loading speed.

I have shared some important tips on how to improve website loading speed, which you must implement on your site.

#6 Add Your Title Me Modifier

Adding modifiers to your title like “best”, “top”, “famous”, “guide”, “complete guide”, “review”, “helpful”, etc. can make it even more attractive.

e.g. writing a piece of content with the topic “WordPress Tools”

I can add it to the title like this:

1) “Top 10 WordPress Tools That Will Save You Time”

2) “10 Famous Tools You Should Also Have”

3) “The Complete Guide on Using the Best WordPress Tools”

By doing this, if you share the link of your content on Facebook, Google Plus also, then you will get more clicks from there.

And also with the site show on Google, there will be a lot of possibility that if users see the title of your blog content, then first of all open the content of your blog.

If you want to learn how to write a great headline, there are 6 big steps.

#7 Use social sharing buttons

Bad readers reading your content What are the chances for us to share the content on your social profiles?

The possibilities are enormous when you use Social Share Button Tab User Share Apk Content.

If you don’t add the social share button, the tab will reduce the number of readers of your blog who copy the URL from the address bar and paste it on their social profiles and share it.

That is, if you want to make your content viral on the social site, then it is very important to use the social share button.

If you use the Google Blogger platform, your template may have a Hi Social Share button option, if it doesn’t you can add a separate Social Share button.

And WordPress users can easily install Digg Digg plugin.

#8 Keep the content big

Research has shown, the longer your content, the more likely you are to rank on the first page of Google.

The content you want to rank high and the subject of that content is also in very high competition tab, you try to write the post at least 2000 words in me to and if more words write me then it is even better .

And the rule should be made that each material should be written in at least 1000 words.

The longer the content, the more long tail keywords for me to use. That is, it is equally good for SEO.

#9 Internal Links

Also add the link of the old published post in the internal link ka matlab hai ki apne new content. Tell us about new content Add me an internal link to related content.

If you want to see a good example of this, that is Wikipedia, you will find on average 50+ internal links per post on Wikipedia.

on page internal link seo

In this barebones I would suggest adding at least 2-5 old things to work on the new stuff. Due to which the bounce rate of your blog will also be less because you are not giving the same content to the user, as well as stay on your blog for a longer time to read more content.

#10 Use keywords in H2 and H3

What would you do to provide subtitles to H2 and H3 in your content? If not then take me to use it because first one is to make your content more user friendly and second by having keywords it will strengthen on-page SEO optimization even more.


You also have to take care of the keyword you have, it should not exceed a limit, otherwise it also comes into play of keyword staffing.. which is not good for us. What should be the limit of keywords, the information you can read, I have shared it.

#11 Image Optimization

1) Image name

The image you add to your content, give us the name of the image that is your target keyword. (For example: on-page-SEO.jpg)


Don’t the images of Tara have names?



2) Alt Tag

The second step in image optimization is to add the alt tag.

2.1) Blogger

If you are a Google Blogger platform user then there is an alternative to Post Editor Me Image Me Alt Tag Add Karna. Alt tag me bhi hi place your target keyword.


For example, if your target keyword is “On-Page SEO Optimization,” add something like this to the ALT name.


2.2) WordPress

If you are a WordPress platform user then in the post editor also there is an option to add alt tag to the image. For which just click on the edit button on the border of the image.


For example agar apke target keyword hai “On-Page SEO opmization”, add kare to ALT name something is tarah add kare.


Another reason for doing image optimization is that Google gets to know where your content is bare.What is ent.

Is. Which will help you in bringing search traffic.

For example apk content is m2 image on which alt tag “online-make-money” on one and “offline-make-money” on other is added to google agreement for apk content money topic.

#12 Post Description

The post we find, which appears in search engines and then shared in social media, is its title, permanent link or its description or thumbnail of the post.

Seeing this, the user clicks on Un.

Blogger me Post Description kaise add kare uski jankari yaha hai or agar aap wordpress use kare hai to SEO Yoast Plugin use kare.

SEO ki or jankari ke liye aap HMH pe SEO category ki post read kar sakte hai.

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