‘You’ season 4, episode 1 review: Penn Badgley returns with more criminal pleasures and murder mysteries

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A still from season four of 'You'
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A still from season four of ‘You’

Season 4 of you So silly that it’s unrelenting fun. Split into two parts, the next five episodes end on March 9, 2023. The psychological thriller (yes, that was her original pace) based on Caroline Capins’s remarkably intense social media tearjerker novels finds Joe (Pen Baddeley) in London.

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Now a university professor in tweeds and suspenders (he’s been described as “a bargain bin Colin Firth”), the serial killer book lover goes by the name Jonathan Moore. When not pitting his devoted students against each other in ideological battles, he spies on his neighbors Malcolm (Stephen Hagen) and Kate (Charlotte Ritchie).

Desolate is Malcolm Joe’s partner and introduces him to a sleazy swish set awash in a sea of ​​booze, blowhards and privilege. There is Lady Phoebe (Tilly Keeper), who is as lovely as she is rich. Phoebe is seeing the equally rich and slightly dim Adam (Lucas Gage) who owns the sundry house where the group hangs out.

You Season 4 (Part 1)

Episodes: 5

Runtime: 43 to 54 minutes

Creators: Greg Berlanti, Sierra Gamble

Starring: Penn Badgley, Tate Gabriel, Charlotte Ritchie, Tilly Caper, Amy Lee Hickman, Ed Spellers, Lucas Gage

Storyline: Joe is now in the middle of a whodunnit in London as suspect, victim and detective.

The gang includes showman Simon (Eden Cheng), the child of a Chinese technocrat, and Sophie, (Nikki Lin), a powerful influencer. Gemma Graham-Greene (Eve Austin) gets an A for creepy, with her driver running over jungle creatures for fun. Blessing (Ozeoma Kibu) is a Nigerian princess who has no time for degrees, wealth and fluff. Roald (Ben Wiggins) and Connie (Dario Coates) complete the decadent group.

The icy, fiercely intelligent Kate with a voice as raspy as her blunt bob seems to be the only person who works for a living. Rhys (Ed Speleers), a poor boy who attends Oxford on a scholarship, is the outsider in the group. He is a successful writer, hopeful for the mayor and endears himself to Joe with his absurdly precise pen drawings of “Simon tearing through people like Christmas presents”.

In the first episode, determined to make a fresh start, Marian (Tetty Gabriel) leaves her newborn son with a caring family after leaving her love from last season. have given up their murderous ways. However, blood and books can never be too far from Joe, no matter what his name, and the first episode ends with Joe waking up from a night of Buchanan abuse to a corpse on his desk.

And he’s back to bone saws, safety goggles and black bean bags. Does he travel with a body disposal kit? Suddenly Joe finds himself in a whodunit, which he describes as “the lowest form of literature”. Very loud.

One of his students, Nadia, (Amy-Lee Hickman) informs him of the basic rules of “the first suspect is always the second victim,” without mentioning the twins. As each entitled friend is bumped off by the Eat-The-Rich killer, the rest of the group sneaks into Phoebe’s country mansion, amid a frenzy of media feeding.

Joe found himself in an episode of ” the crown Directed by Guy Ritchie” as he runs for his life, tries to find the killer, and get rid of some additional suspects. While Vampire Weekend sings the Oxford Coma, and Edgar Allan Poe is mentioned, not much love for literature in this edition. you. And horror of horrors, who hides a garrote in the hole of a book.

The cast is in on the joke and acts accordingly, lounging in designer duds, while Joe’s inner monologue maliciously rips through the various aspects. Baddeley says the show is taking a new direction and it does so by straying into murder mystery territory. While season four won’t stand up to any scrutiny, its invigorating plot and clever writing ensure the five episodes zip along on well-oiled rails of guilty pleasure. Will March 9 come already?

Season 4 of You is currently streaming on Netflix.

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