Kuttey Movie Review Starrer By Arjun Kapoor Tabu

Kuttey Movie Review : Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj who gave Bollywood a new direction through his films, Kamini was a popular and critically acclaimed film of its time and now his son Asman Bhardwaj has made his directorial debut with a film like Kuttey. . Although the title of Asaman seems to be an extension of father Vishal’s movie Bastard, but to some extent he seems to be following the cinematic tradition of his father Vishal Bhardwaj, but there is no doubt that Asaman as a director. The fortress of success has been strong and it can be said that the universe of Vishal-Gulzar-Rekha Bhardwaj films is in safe hands.

The story of Kuttey Movie

The story is a bit complicated, starting with the Naxalite Lakshmi (Konkana Sen Sharma), who is in police custody and is raped by a senior police officer despite the protests of policeman Paaji (Kumud Mishra), but Then comes a group of Naxalites.

The police attack the station and rescue Lakshmi. Now the story has moved forward 13 years and Gopal (Arjun Kapoor) and Paaji (Kumud Mishra) have become goons in uniform. So he is in the police department, but he works for drug traffickers and notorious people. Notorious gangster Bhau (Naseeruddin Shah) assigns the two to eliminate his rival Surti (Jai Upadhyay). After completing their task, both of them leave the hideout to celebrate by looting drugs, but on the way they are caught by the superior officers of their own department. Now the process of suspending both of them begins, only then do they find that the police officer who saved their lives, Pami (Tabu), can get them to do the job. They both go to Pami.

Pami demanded Rs 2 crore to stop his suspension. To earn such a huge amount of money, these guys plan to rob an ATM van full of cash. But then Bhau Beti (Radhika Madan) also plans to rob the ATM van before planning to elope with her lover. The story continues to scratch and scratch each other that Lakshmi’s Naxalite group has also threatened to come. Now let’s see who gets the money in this cat and dog game.

Kuttey Movie review 2023

Kuttey is a film divided into an epilogue, 3 chapters and a prologue. Prologue Lakshmi Bomb, first chapter ‘Sab Ka Malik Ek’, second chapter ‘Aata Kya Canada’, third ‘Moong Ki Dal’ and finally the legend. It is a very dark thriller and the sky has already set the tone in the first chapter. Every character in the film is gray or black. Even hero Arjun Kapoor is painted as a villain. To maintain this dark tone, Asman uses characters and backdrops well, but the story has many tracks and sub-tracks, which make the story confusing towards the middle.

If you get distracted for even a minute, you will lose your grip on the story. But after the interval, the tangled threads begin to connect and you as a viewer are shocked to find yourself surrounded by greedy, selfish and treacherous characters. The songs and music do justice to the setting of the film.

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Faiz Ahmed’s songs or Gulzar’s songs add a different color to the film. Background score is strong. The music of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kamini’s ‘Dhaan Tenon’ creates a current here and there, while its dialogues are also cheeky. The way the demonetisation issue is presented in the climax is no less funny in itself.

The film has many veteran actors and each actor has proved to be excellent, but actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Anurag Kashyap did not get much screen space. Although Naseer makes fun of his expressions in a small role.

Tabu is brilliant with the many qualities of the gray character, while Konkana Sen Sharma delivers a powerful performance. Arjun Kapoor gives life to the role of greedy, hypocrite and traitor. Radhika Madan is memorable in her role. Kumud Mishra’s acting is fun. The supporting cast is strong.

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