Mission Majnu Movie Review Starring Sidharth Malhotra Rashmika Mandanna

Mission Majnu Movie Review

  • Actor: Sidharth Malhotra, Rashmika Mandanna, Kumud Mishra, Sharib Hashmi, Parmeet Sethi, Ashwat Bhatt
  • Director: Shantanu Bagchi
  • Category:Hindi, Action, Adventure
  • Duration:2 Hrs 9 Min

Mission Majnu Movie Review : ‘I Can Do Anything To Protect India’ is the story of an unsung hero, whose bravery and espionage cost Pakistan dearly. Directed by Shantanu Bagchi, ‘Mission Majnoo’, which came to OTT platform Netflix, once again chronicles the exploits of RAW’s intelligence agents. The film depicts the 70s, where India’s first successful nuclear test was conducted in 1974 under the leadership of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. But this caused panic in other countries. America had also imposed many restrictions on India. At the same time, Pakistan was also surprised by this success of India and secretly joined the practice of making atomic bomb.

The story of ‘Mission Majnoo’

In this fictional story inspired by true events, Amandeep Ajitpal Singh alias Tariq is an Indian spy. He is posted as a tailor in Pakistan to keep India aware of suspicious activities there. Tariq’s father was accused of being a traitor and Amandeep is willing to go to any extent to clear the stain. As such, he is given a mission by RAW to locate and stop Pakistan’s nuclear plants. On this path of espionage, Tariq falls in love with a blind Nasreen (Rashmika Mandana). He also marries her and is about to become a father, in reality Rashmika unmasks the Indian secret agent.

Here, Pakistan has spread the net of secret nuclear experiment. During his mission, Tariq meets two other spies, Kumud Mishra and Sharab Hashmi. Will he be able to work with these two RAW agents to expose the exploits of Pakistan’s secret nuclear experiments? Will Tariq be able to inform Nasreen of the fact that he is Amandeep? Will he wash away the stain of being the son of a traitor? You will get the answers to all these questions after watching the movie.

‘Mission Majnu’ Trailer

Mission Majnu Movie Review

Even before this, many films like ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, ‘Baby’, ‘Madras Cafe’, ‘Raazi’, ‘Mukhbir’ have been made on Indian spies. Shantanu Bagchi as director also weaves the same thread. His storyline is no less interesting, but he doesn’t live up to his execution. The film fails to offer anything new. In the first half, the director spends a lot of time developing the story and characters. Coming to the real problem, a lot of time is wasted. The love story of Tariq and Nasreen looks like a movie. The most important aspect of a spy movie is suspense and thrill. The film lacks both of them. The development of the characters is also very careless. Patriotism is not included in it. Patriotic scenes appear forcefully through India and Pakistan.

Talking about the music, Joban Notyal and Sonu Nigam’s vocals are soothing on ‘Raba Jaanaan’ and ‘Matt Ko Ma Kain Hai’. The background score fits the theme. The cinematography of Bejitish is good. The editing should have been tighter. The art director has used green color everywhere to show the Pakistani environment. The climax is strong.

Coming to the performances, Siddharth Malhotra pulls off so-called heroes like Tariq and Amandeep with elegance and conviction. He adapts all shades of the character with ease and ease. In the role of Nabeena Nasreen, Rashmika has tried her best to strengthen her character but her character is flat rather than layered. Kumud Mishra shines once again. Sharab Hashmi proved that he has the ability to do justice to all kinds of characters. It’s good to see Parameet Sethi on screen as the head of Raw after a long gap. Ashwit Bhatt and Zakir Hussain are also frozen.

Why Watch- People who are fond of patriotic and spy movies can watch this movie.